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A Song of Frost & Lightning Expansion Supply

Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.

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  • Duration: Apr 19, 2019 ~ May 03, 2019
  • Rita's S-rank soul-awakened battlesuit Argent Knight: Artemis and A-rank battlesuit Phantom Iron are at your disposal!
  • During Expansion Supplies, if you roll any combination of 100 rolls, be it singles or multis, you will be guaranteed to receive the featured S-rank valkyrie on your 100th roll if you did not receive it beforehand.
    • New expansions will not reset your Expansion Supply.
  • In Expansion Equipment Supply, Captains are guaranteed to get the UP equipment featured for the Expansion Supply period that they have yet to receive within 50 consecutive drops.
  • [Argent Knight: Artemis] and [Phantom Iron] will be added to Standard Supply on May 4th.

Featured Contents
Non-Featured Contents

Specific RatesEdit

Character Cards: 15%Edit

  • S Rank Argent Knight: 1.50%
  • A Rank Phantom Iron: 4.50%
  • A Rank Scarlet Fusion/Luna Kindred/Umbral Rose: 3.00%

Character Fragments: 26.50%Edit

  • S Rank Argent Knight Soul: 2.50%
  • A Rank Phantom Iron Fragment: 15.00%
  • A Rank Scarlet Fusion/Luna Kindred/Umbral Rose Fragment: 3.00%

Materials and Common Equipment: 58.50%Edit

  • Advanced Skill Material: 10.00%
  • Primary Skill Material: 15.00%
  • Common Upgrade Materials: 11.17%
  • Character EXP: 11.17%
  • Coins: 11.17%

Featured Contents
Non-Featured Contents

Specific RatesEdit

4-star Weapon Droprate: 4.58%Edit

  • UP weapon: 1.83%
    • Skadi Ondurgud
  • Non-UP weapon: 0.46%
    • Energy Leapers
    • Pledge of Rain
    • 5th Sacred Relic
    • Blood Dance
    • Super-star Sonata
    • Skoll and Hati

4-star Stigmata Droprate: 7.815%Edit

  • UP: 0.92%
    • Robert Peary (T)
    • Robert Peary (M)
    • Robert Peary (B)
  • Non-UP: 0.42%
    • Jin Shengtan (T)
    • Jin Shengtan (M)
    • Jin Shengtan (B)
    • Gustav Klimt (T)
    • Gustav Klimt (M)
    • Gustav Klimt (B)
    • Lier Scarlet (T)
    • Lier Scarlet (M)
    • Lier Scarlet (B)
    • Isaac Newton (T)
    • Isaac Newton (M)
    • Isaac Newton (B)