Alloy Wotan's Cleaver/3-star

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Alloy Wotan's Cleaver (3) (Icon).png ATK CRT Rarity
93 9 Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngGray Star (Icon).png
Schicksal manufactured this weapon as a copy of Wotan's Cleaver using proprietary fire-based Honkai ore. Its Honkai force rivals that of Wotan's Cleaver.
Alloy Death Gaze
[SP: 18][CD: 16s] Unleashes a small-angle frontal sweeping laser blast. Hit enemies will explode, dealing 223 Fire DMG to surrounding enemies in a small AOE.
Obtained From
The Befallen Honkai: Unbreakable Castle

Upgrade Materials Required To Next Rarity

Required To Fully Upgrade
Frame (Blue).png
Alloy Wotan's Cleaver (3) (Icon).png
3star (Upgradable).png
Frame (Blue).png
Iralloy Sparkplug (Icon).png
Frame (Blue).png
Broken Handle (Icon).png