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Characters in Matrix mode can collect squad buffs. Buffs may be collected as dropped items. Buff items may drop from defeated monsters, from random HOMU boxes, from HOMU shop purchases and more.All buffs are bought using EP, which is equal to collected Honkai Energy Honkai Energy that is dropped by enemies.

Buffs apply to any active squad member. The maximum number of squad buffs the player can carry is 18. Visually in-game, that's 3 full rows of above the HP/SP bar. After max is reached, no new buffs may be obtained. The list of current buffs can be viewed by tapping the buff icons above HP/SP bar or by clicking the Pause button. Unwanted buffs may be deleted there too. However, deleting a buff also deletes its current level.

Each individual buff has 10 levels. Collecting the same buff element beyond the first one will level said buff up.

Active buffs and their levels are kept for the same session. Restarting Matrix levels will remove all buffs and stored EPs.

Below available for purchase from the HOMU Shops in the Matrix and their effects per level.

Elite Skills
Elite Conductive (Icon).png
Elite Skill: Conductive 11 EP
Successful ultimate evasions unleash a lightning nova that paralyzes nearby enemies for 0.8 sec + 0.2 sec per level, dealing damage equal to 0.6 x level attack
Elite Power (Icon).png
Elite Skill: Power (aka "Relic of Might")
Increases damage done by 8.0% x level and additionally increases damage done to shields by 5.0% x level
Elite Quickness (Icon).png
Elite Skill: Quickness
Increases movement speed by 6% x level and attack speed by 5% x level
Elite Revenge (Icon).png
Elite Skill: Revenge 8-9 EP
Killing an enemy increases your damage done by 20% for 10 sec
Elite Skill: Shield (aka "Relic of Aegis") 11 EP
Take 8% less DMG x level from ranged attacks and gain 15% DEF x level
Elite Skill: Blur 9-10 EP
Take -2% - 7% x level less DMG from melee attacks and gain 15% x level DEF
Elite Skill: Time Fracture 7-9 EP
During Time Fracture, gain (25 * level)% Total DMG Multiplier and (10 * level)% attack speed.
Elite Skill: Resistence 8-9 EP
Shortens debuff duration by 6.0% and take 7.5% less Elemental DMG
Elite Skill: Slow 7-8 EP
Slows nearby enemies by -5% attack speed x level and -5% move speed x level
Elite Skill: Energy Enhancement 8 EP
Use card skill to gain 10 SP + 10 SP x level and 3% + 3% x level of current character's max HP.
Elite Skill: Blessing
After enemy kill, take 20% + 6% x level less DMG (any form) for 20s.
Schicksal Gear
Schicksal ArmorEX (Icon).png
Schicksal Gear: Armor Supply EX 11-16 EP
Decreases damage taken by 38.00% for 30 sec when entering battle for the first time
Schicksal WeaponEX (Icon).png
Schicksal Gear: Weapon Supply EX 16 EP
For the 1st battle, gain 150.00% Total DMG Multiplier for 15s.
Schicksal Gear: Weapon Supply 12-14 EP
Gain (10.00 * level)% to any form of Physical DMG
Schicksal Gear: Energy Supply 15-16 EP
Each enemy kill has a (18 + 2 * level)% + chance to recover (15 + 5 * level) SP.
Schicksal EnergyEX (Icon).png
Schicksal Gear: Energy Supply EX 14-16 EP
Consuming more than 10 SP at a time increases your damage done by 25.00% for 10 sec
Schicksal Gear: Armor Supply 16 EP
Take -10% - 5% x level less Physical DMG.
Schicksal Gear: HP Supply 11EP
Each enemy kill has a 9% + 1% x level chance to heal 1.5% HP x level
Schicksal HPSupplyEX (Icon).png
Schicksal Gear: HP Supply EX 16 EP
For every 10% HP lost, gain 7.00% Total DMG Multiplier
Anti-Entropy Gear
Anti-Entropy Tech: Dark Weapon 9 EP
Gain 10% Total DMG Multiplier, but attacks have a 1% chance of immobilizing the character for 1.5s. Immobilizing effect triggers only once every 10s.
Anti-Entropy BlackArmor (Icon).png
Anti-Entropy Tech: Black Tech Armor
Taking damage increases your damage done by 8.0% and decreases damage taken by 7.2% for 10 sec. Stacks up to 10 times
Anti-Entropy DelicateParts (Icon).png
Anti-Entropy Tech: Precision Parts 12 EP
Attacks against countered types gain 15% DMG x level
Anti-Entropy Tech: Honkai Energy (aka "Relic of Desolation") 14 EP
Gain 1SP for every EP consumed.
Ancient Stele
Tablet FuxiFire (Icon).png
Ancient Stone Tablet: Fuxi - Fire
Your attacks now have a 3% chance to ignite enemies within a large radius, dealing 7.5% damage every sec for 5 sec
Ancient Stone Tablet: Fuxi - Lightning 17-18 EP
Attacks have a 3% chance to paralyze enemies within a large AOE for 2s, dealing 100% ATK of Lightning DMG. CD: 12s.
Ancient Stele: Fuxi - Ice
Attacks have a 3% chance to freeze enemies within a large AOE for 2.0s, dealing 100.00% ATK of Ice DMG. CD: 12s.
Tablet NuwaMoon (Icon).png
Ancient Stone Tablet: Nuwa - Moon
Killing an enemy grants you invincibility for 1.6s
Tablet NuwaStars (Icon).png
Ancient Stone Tablet: Nuwa - Stars 14-17 EP
Killing an enemy freezes all enemies for 2.5s + 1s x level
Tablet NuwaSun (Icon).png
Ancient Stone Tablet: Nuwa - Sun
Killing an enemy stuns enemies nearby for 2s, dealing 100% ATK of DMG
Ancient Stele: Shennong - Grain
Picking up items recovers 1 SP (per level?)
Tablet ShennongGrass (Icon).png
Ancient Stone Tablet: Shennong - Grass 13 EP
Picking up HP and Energy bags additionally recovers 12%/24% HP and SP
Ancient Stele: Shennong - Flower 14 EP
Picking up items heals 0.8% x level HP
Tablet XuanShield (Icon).png
Ancient Stone Tablet: Xuanyuan - Shield 14 EP
1.5%/2.0% chance to block incoming attacks, triggering Time Fracture and Iron Body for 2.0/2.5 sec
Tablet XuanSword (Icon).png
Ancient Stele: Xuanyuan - Sword 14-16 EP
Melee attacks greatly slow enemies. Enemies also take 50% + 15% x level more DMG for 3s. CD: 12.0s - 0.6s x level.
Tablet XuanBow (Icon).png
Ancient Stele: Xuanyuan - Bow 16 EP
Ranged attacks greatly slow enemies. Enemies also take 50% + 15% x level more DMG for 3s. CD: 12.0s - 0.6s x level.
Lucky Bunny Ears 17-18 EP
Attacks have a 0.25% chance x level grant you invincibility for 1 s, during which physical attacks deal x8 bonus DMG. (At level 3: 0.5% chance to deal 12x DMG)
Elemental Essence Ice (Icon).png
Elemental Essence: Ice 14 EP
Deals another 6.0% Physical DMG of Ice DMG. Character takes 6.0% less Ice DMG.
Elemental Essence: Lightning 14 EP
Deals another 6.0% Physical DMG of Lightning DMG. Character takes 6.0% less Lightning DMG.
Elemental Essence: Fire 14 EP
Deals another 6.0% Physical DMG of Fire DMG. Character takes 6.0% less Fire DMG.