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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Armada Feast
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Feb 14, 2020 ~ Feb 23, 2020
Notable Rewards
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10 Crystal Giftbox (Icon).png
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Honkai Shard (Icon).png
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Mind Stone (Icon).png
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Synopsis[edit source]

Party with Armada buddies for tons of Crystals! Participate in [Armada Feast] to earn Crystals and Honkai Shards!

Armada Feast Preparations[edit | edit source]

Duration: FEB 14, 10:00 ~ FEB 23, 04:00

  • Captains must be Lv.20 or higher to participate.
  • From FEB 14 to FEB 17, complete preparation missions in Armada - Armada Feast to collect ingredients. The more preparations have been made, the more dishes will be offered by the feast!
  • Preparations made for the Armada Feast also contributes to the World Feast and beef up World Feast Rewards.
  • After the Feast begins, Armada Feasts and World Feasts will cycle in Lobby daily. Don't miss the feasts when they're available!
  • Captains can obtain [Spring Red Packet] to exchange for sweet rewards in Armada Terminal by participating in the event and related missions.

Armada Feast[edit | edit source]

Duration: FEB 17, 17:00~23:00 ~ FEB 18

  • Armada Feast lasts 2 days. Access Armada Lobby to enjoy Armada Feast during the event period!
  • Contributions made by Captains increase Armada Feast levels. Higher Armada Feast levels give bigger rewards. Chop chop, time to prepare for the feast!

World Feast[edit | edit source]

Duration: FEB 18, 17:00~23:00 ~ FEB 22

  • World Feast lasts 5 days. Access World Lobby to enjoy World Feast during the event period!
  • Contributions made by Captains in the prior Armada Feast also increase World Feast levels. Let's work together for the biggest feast ever!

Happy Quiz Time[edit | edit source]

Duration: FEB 18, 12:00~23:00 ~ FEB 22

  • Come play the new quiz activity that's only available during the spring! Answer questions to win prizes!

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • [Spring Red Packet] can be purchased with Crystals in Armada Terminal from 04:00, FEB 14.
  • [Spring Red Packet] expires at FEB 28, 04:00 without return. Items related to the Armada Feast event will be removed simultaneously.