As Thunders Filled The Sky Version Update

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
As Thunders Filled The Sky Version Update
Aug 06, 2020 ~ Sep 15, 2020
Notable Rewards
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Synopsis[edit source]

Born of thunder, she delivers the undying arc of punishment to sunder her ties with the past. New S-rank battlesuit [Herrscher of Thunder] debuts!

Another outworld adventure of starlets Vodka Girls is the cause of countless worlds verging on destruction!? Can Dr. Tesla restore peace to the Sea of Quanta? Summer event [Gemina Invasions] enters Deep Paradise arc!

New Content[edit | edit source]

New battlesuit: Herrscher of Thunder[edit | edit source]

Valkyrie Background (PSY).png
Herrscher of Thunder (Icon).png
  • Mei's S-rank battlesuit [Herrscher of Thunder]: A PSY-type melee DPS capable of dealing heavy Lightning DMG continuously and providing SP support for PSY-type teammates. Her Ultimate summon a rideable dragon with powerful burst DMG and sustained DMG capacity.
    • [Herrscher of Thunder] Expansion Supply and her recommended Expansion Equipment Supply are available from 12:00, AUG 7 to 12:00, AUG 28.

ELF: Bella[edit | edit source]

"I'm Bella, your loyal partner. I'll remove any barrier for you."

  • New S-rank ELF [Bella] joins you!
  • Apart from dealing Lightning DMG, she can also deal massive DMG while inflicting Lightning Vulnerability with her Ultimate!
    • From 12:00, AUG 7 to 12:00, AUG 28, ELF [Bella] Supply is available! Purchase drops with [ELF Supply Card] and she is guaranteed in every 100 drops!

Summer Event: [Gemina Invasions] Deep Paradise Arc[edit | edit source]

  • Another outworld adventure of starlets Vodka Girls is the cause of countless worlds verging on destruction!? To bring peace back to the Sea of Quanta, Dr. Tesla embarked on another journey.
  • Summer event [Gemina Invasions] enters the Deep Paradise arc! Play to earn Molotov Cherry's new outfit [Coral Sunrise], event set stigma, and Honkai Shard!

Story Chapter XVIII: From Beds of Everlasting Snow[edit | edit source]

  • Coral Island, the epitome of civilization situated on the equator, is falling apart in the surging tides of Honkai energy. Mei and Durandal step into the unpredictable battle together as the first collaboration between the now allied Schicksal and World Serpent...
  • Story Chapter XVIII released! Explore to earn [Valkyrie Gloria]'s new outfit [Purrfect Holiday] and Focused Supply Card!

Additions to the Hyperion arsenal[edit | edit source]

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Key of Castigation (5) (Icon).png
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Domain of Sanction (6) (Icon).png
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Benares - Awakening (T) (Icon).png
Stigmata Top.png
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Benares - Awakening (M) (Icon).png
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Benares - Awakening (B) (Icon).png
Stigmata Bottom.png

Game Adjustments & Optimizations[edit | edit source]

Battlesuits[edit | edit source]

The following data are at max skill level:
Starlit Astrologos

  • Fixed an issue where using QTE when she is in an outfit may revert her avatar to her default look.
  • Fixed an issue where using her Ultimate on standby may not be registered by the stage objective ""Unleash Ultimate 1 time.""
  • Fixed the glitched arm model of outfit [Orchid's Night].
  • Fixed an issue where the game may not respond to input after a battlesuit falls during her Ultimate used on standby and she is auto-switched out.

Luna Kindred

  • Fixed the glitched VFX of her giant ax.

Bright Knight

  • Fixed an issue where the Heavy ATK effect of her Throw may not apply.
  • Fixed an issue where the story screen may glitch after using her Ultimate and triggering story scenes in [Chronicles].

All Durandal battlesuits

  • Fixed an issue where the DMG bonuses granted by weapon skills upon use do not apply to all Durandal battlesuits.

Goushinnso Memento

  • Combo ATK [Instant Draw]: Added Rime Trauma build-up effect. Every hit of her Combo ATK now inflicts 1 Rime Trauma.

Darkbolt Jonin

  • Fixed an issue where certain input could interrupt her Ultimate animation.

Flame Sakitama

  • Fixed an issue where certain input may make her attack animations glitch after QTE entry.

Stygian Nymph

  • Skill [Mark of Judgment]: Edited its description to match its performance.

Swallowtail Phantasm

  • Skill [Particle Vibration] & [Scarlet Chain]: Edited their descriptions to match their performances.

Herrscher of Reason

  • Fixed an issue where Project Bunny is not concealed in story dialogues.
  • Fixed an issue where her model would glitch after she finishes story dialogues mid-Ultimate.

Herrscher of the Void

  • Skill [Honkai Mark]: Edited its description to match its performance.

Valkyrie Chariot

  • Fixed an issue where SFX may glitch after using her Ultimate.

Ritual Imayoh

  • Leader Skill [Starlight Blessing]: Increased its bonus stats to match its description.

Divine Prayer

  • Fixed an issue where the duration of her Ultimate was affected by different FPS settings.

Azure Empyrea

  • Ultimate [Emperyan Sunder]: Adjusted its effect from immobilizing enemies for the entire duration of Ultimate to immobilizing enemies at the start of Ultimate for 11s.
  • Edited the look of her soul icon.

Shadow Knight

  • Fixed an issue where her model may glitch after using Ultimate when in default outfit and with hidden fists.

Night Squire

  • Skill [Authority]: Edited its description to match its performance.

Argent Knight

  • Now she also inflicts 2 Rime Trauma whenever Hypothermia is applied.
  • Skill [Frost Prison]: Edited its description to match its performance.

Phantom Iron

  • Added Paralyze Trauma build-up effect to certain skills:
    • QTE now paralyzes enemies for 3s and inflicts 10 Paralyze Trauma (Trauma charge rate: Medium)
    • Every hit of her Basic ATK inflicts 0.5 Paralyze Trauma when she is in Supercharged state.

Scarlet Fusion

  • Skill [Slash Accent]: Increased Paralysis proc rate to 100% and Trauma charge rate to Medium (10). CD: 8s.

Blood Rose

  • Fixed the glitched damage of Riposte.

Arctic Kriegsmesser

  • Skill [Polar Current]: Evasion CD shortening effect increased to 8s.

All Himeko Battlesuits

  • Shortened their hitstun time to allow them to evade the Throw of Boss Durandal.
    • This change does not apply to [Vermilion Knight] due to her already having a shorten hitstun time.


  • Increased the impair strength of Sturmgeschütz and Ultimate from 35% to 50%. This effect does stack.

Blueberry Blitz

  • Skill [Emergency Evasion]: Now the CD of passive skill [Equipment Enhancement] always resets after using QTE."

ELF[edit | edit source]

Blood Embrace

  • Increased her Crit growth rate.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Honkai Vitalis

  • Fixed an issue where it cannot be pulled by skills (such as Celestial Hymn's Ultimate).

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Ruinous Sakura

  • Increased its active duration by 2s.


  • Fixed an issue where its active may be missing VFX or not dealing damage.

Labor of Olympus

  • Fixed its glitched model when it has reached 4★.

Book of Fuxi

  • Added Ignite Trauma build-up effect and edited relevant descriptions.

Stigmata[edit | edit source]

Thales (M)

  • Increased its effect duration by 2s.

Kiana: Void Drifter (T)

  • Increased its basic ATK.

Theresa: Gluttony (T)

  • Adjusted the effects of its skill [Gluttony] as follows: Increased pickup radius by 1 meter. Every second or attack grants 1 Charge stack. The target being hit after accruing 12 Charge stacks drops candy. Drop CD: 2s. Starts a battle with 12 Charge stacks. Picking up candy induces Gluttony state that increases Total DMG by 16% for 5s for the team; Picking up another candy during Gluttony state increases Total DMG by another 8% (24% in total) and resets the duration.

Activities[edit | edit source]

Dirac Sea

  • Added weather Thorns: Enemies take 30% less melee Total DMG and 50% more ranged Total DMG in this weather.
  • Replaced the final Boss combination [Death Web]+[Gigant] of Dry weather with [Death Web]+[Flame Patrol - Supernova].
  • Replaced the final Boss combination [Rime Titan]+[Flame Patrol - Supernova]+[Baldr] of Darkmoon weather with [MR-06X Hephaestus].
  • Replaced the Boss [Dark Bronya] of Normal weather 2F, Lightning weather 3F, Storms weather 2F, QUA Disturbance weather 3F, and Shiden weather 3F with [Higokumaru].
  • Replaced the final Boss combination [Rime Titan]+[Flame Patrol - Supernova]+[Baldr] of Humid weather with [MR-06X Hephaestus].
  • Boss [Thunderer] has been removed from Humid weather.

Battlesuit Trials

  • The permanent [Stress Test] stages in Starlit Astrologos' event [The Day You Vanished with the Stars] have been moved to [Battlesuit Trials]. This change does not affect their availability and your progress. If you have not cleared these stages in v4.0, you can still play them in [Battlesuit Trials] for rewards.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • PRI-ARM [Domain of Sanction] can now be forged.
  • The following forging options have been added to Bounty Mark:
    • Butterfly of Yuki Set: Nohime (T, M, B), Ruler of Sky Set: Kepler (T, M, B), Legendary Bladesmith Set: Nagamitsu (T, M, B), Vampire Prince Set: Dracula (T, M, B), Lonely Hero Set: Siegfried Kaslana (T, M, B), Gentle Herbalist Set: Shennong (T, M, B).
  • Added the [Source] button to the equipment info screen. Tap to view the source of the current equipment.

Shops[edit | edit source]

  • Upgraded the shop system by sorting and combining the original shop tabs. Now the shop system only comprises 4 tabs, namely Daily Shop, Activity Shop, Basic Currency, and Event Shop. The previous general tabs (e.g. Logistics Terminal, Battle Arsenal) are now grouped under the new general tabs as sub-tabs. The classification is as follows:
    • [Daily Shop]: Logistics Terminal, Exchange House, Witch's Corridor
    • [Activity Shop]: War Treasury, Battle Arsenal, Co-op Shop, Task Shop, Armada Terminal, Master's Shop
    • [Basic Currency]: Asterite Shop, Mithril Shop, Coins Shop
    • [Event Shop]: Any shop pertaining to an event (e.g. Story event shops, Time Capsule)
  • Optimized the display of items.
  • Optimized the purchasing process. Now an item info pop-up appears no matter what you are purchasing to brief you on its description, price, quota, quantity owned, and more.
  • Optimized how certain bundles are purchased and used.

Witch's Corridor

  • Added the option to purchase A-rank battlesuit [Valkyrie Gloria] Fragments.
  • Replaced the purchasable S-rank battlesuit fragments with those of [Lightning Empress], [Goushinnso Memento], and [Black Nucleus]. [Pure Witch Orbs] are required to purchase.

Battle Pass[edit | edit source]

  • New BP season [Everlasting Thunder] will begin on AUG 10!

[Elite Works] Updates

  • Added the following item purchase options:
    • Weapons: Thunder Kikaku, Aphrodite, Raikiri
    • Stigma Set: Renaissance set: Michelangelo (T, M, B)
    • Material: The purchase limit of Einstein's Torus has been reset
  • You can also purchase the equipment of the last version in Elite Works (excluding equipment exclusive to v4.0).

Starters[edit | edit source]

  • Adjusted the objectives of Valkyrie Muster missions.
  • Adjusted the overall rewards of Valkyrie Muster.

Returnees[edit | edit source]

  • Adjusted the overall rewards of returnee login and returnee missions.
  • Optimized the visuals of the returnee login screen.
  • Updated the story dialogue played upon a returnee login. Captains who are returnees at the time of the version update are eligible.
  • Added Returnee Shop. Now offering value bundles including [Returnee Supply Option].

System[edit | edit source]

Enemy Album

  • Added the [Enemy Album] to the [Collection] screen in v4.1 to help you study the weaknesses of enemies.
  • The first update will include the pages of 20 enemies. We will continue to update [Enemy Album] as new versions roll in and one day it will cover every enemy.

Battlesuit Growth System

  • Added a material slider to the battlesuit EXP material selection screen. You can batch select EXP materials by dragging the slider.

Portrait Battlesuit Showcase

  • Added the portrait battlesuit showcase. You can enter this mode by tapping the [Portrait View] button on the Bridge or wardrobe screen to enjoy the beauty of your battlesuits from all angles.
  • The double interactive animations of [Stygian Nymph] in portrait mode require more optimizations so the implementation of these animations has been pushed back to versions later than v4.1.

Top-up Bonus

  • Added top-up bonus [Inventory Space +100]. After reaching Top-up Bonus Lv.10, your inventory space will auto-expand by 100 slots. Captains who have claimed the Lv.10 rewards before the v4.1 update are still eligible.


  • Optimized the visuals of the Supply overview screen.
  • Added the [Essentine] mechanic to battlesuit Expansion Supply. When you continue to take Expansion Supply drops after receiving the featured UP S-rank battlesuit, a random number of [Essentine] will replace the secondary item of every drop.
  • Accrue a number of [Essentine] to auto-convert it to the fragment or soul of the featured S-rank battlesuit.
  • The [Essentine] count does carry over between rounds.
  • In every round of Expansion Supply, the numbers of Essentine offered by several drops after unlocking the [Essentine] mechanic are multiplied by a certain figure. In other words, those drops will offer more Essentine! When the result of multiplying Essentine is not an integer, the number of Essentine you receive will be rounded up.
  • Adjusted the secondary items offered by Expansion Supply and Focused Supply drops. Replaced every secondary 2★ weapon with 1000 Mithril and secondary 2★ stigma with Normal Crystal Core x15. You can still obtain 2★ equipment in other ways (such as by clearing Story stages) after this adjustment takes effect.

Prototype Suscitarin

  • Added reviving item [Prototype Suscitarin]. It can be obtained from events for free. Use [Prototype Suscitarin] when failing a stage to revive knocked out battlesuits.
  • [Prototype Suscitarin] will first be tested in [Honkai Lab] and certain new event activities in v4.1.

Other Updates[edit | edit source]

  • Added a item slider to the [Stamina Replenishment - Items] screen. You can batch select Stamina items quickly by dragging the slider.
  • Optimized the notification of item returning to inform you of their numbers.
  • Optimized the info displayed on the recommended lineup screen.
  • Removed Star of Eden from the [Divine Key - Gene Limit] screen.

Dorm[edit | edit source]

  • [Herrscher of Thunder] can move into the Dorm. Added relevant interactions and events.

Bridge[edit | edit source]

  • Added the interactive animations and voice lines of [Herrscher of Thunder].

BUG Fixes & Optimizations[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the glitched camera angle in 6-5 (S) and 6-6 (S) of Story Chapter [Babylon's Prisoner].
  • Fixed an issue where audio images would glitch after accessing [Album - Audio] and resuming the game in [APHO].
  • Fixed an issue where errors may be triggered if Carole was the only member alive in the battle against [Code XXI - World] in [APHO].
  • Fixed an issue where the colors of Valkyrie avatars did not match their types in [Activity Weekly Report].
  • Fixed the incorrectly displayed floor of [Q-Singularis] in [Activity Weekly Report].
  • Fixed an issue where background text may overlap when switching lobbies in [Chat].
  • Fixed the overlapping objective text field on the Prep screen of trial stages.
  • Fixed the Japanese dubbing missing from certain Story and Chronicles cinematics.