Autumn Returns

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Autumn Returns
Friendship Shells.png
Oct 24, 2019 ~ Dec 05, 2019
Notable Rewards
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Friendship Shells (Icon).png
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Focused Supply Card (Icon).png
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Swallowtail Phantasm Fragment (Icon).png

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Synopsis[edit source]

Autumn Returns Events Coming Soon! Let's jump back on board Hyperion this beautiful autumn to keep the fight going!
Friendship Shells will be available again. All Captains can invite returnees to play co-op mode and win Friendship Shells.
Returnees can reap even more rewards through Returnee's Supply~

Details[edit | edit source]

Returnee Bonus 1: Returnee's Supply[edit | edit source]

Duration: OCT 24, 12:00 ~ DEC 5, 24:00

  • Only Returnees can access the Returnee's Supply.
  • Returnees can claim lots of [Returnee's Supply Cards] through the daily log-in event.
    • There's a collection of returnee events that reward [Swallowtail Phantasm] fragments & even more [Returnee's Supply Cards].
  • The number of Returnee's Supply pools depends on how many days the returnee has been away before returning.
  • When the event starts, all returning Captains will retain their returnee status for 30 days. Meanwhile, only 2 events will be available on the Returnee page:
    • Returnee's Missions
    • Returnee's Supply
  • Returnee's Supply will close 30 days after returning.

Returnee Bonus 2: Reunion Shop[edit | edit source]

Duration: OCT 24, 12:00 ~ DEC 5, 04:00

  • Captains must be Lv.15 or higher to participate.
  • Play co-op stages including [Bounty Mark], [Team Co-op], [Weekday Co-op], and [Team Raid] to claim [Friendship Shells] Friendship Shells (Small).png.
  • [Friendship Shells] can be exchanged in [Reunion Shop] for Focused Supply Card, [Swallowtail Phantasm] fragments, Time Swirl Passes, etc.
    • The remaining exchangeable quota of items in Reunion Shop will not be refreshed.
  • A total of 100 [Friendship Shells] can be obtained each week. The quota refreshes on Monday.
  • On DEC 5, 04:00, Reunion Shop will close and [Friendship Shells] will expire. Try to make good use of these shiny shells, Captain!
  • Friendship Shells from Summer Returnee events can still be exchanged for rewards~

Returnee Bonus 3: Returnee Pack for Sharing[edit | edit source]

Duration: OCT 24, 12:00 ~ DEC 5, 24:00

  • Captains must be Lv.30 or higher to participate.
  • Returnee's Supply offers [Returnee Pack], which grants one of the following: Coins, Asterites, Mithrils, or Ancient Willpower.
    • Returnees of Lv.20 or higher can share their [Returnee Packs] in the World or Armada chat.
    • If the Returnee Pack is fully shared, the sharing returnee will receive extra rewards~
  • Captains of Lv.30 or higher can claim Returnee Packs shared by returnees in chat or random rewards.

Ai-chan's Tips[edit | edit source]

[Summer Returnee] events will expire on OCT 24, 04:00. It's not too late for the last minute train~