Battle Pass Season (Shiden One Flash)

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.

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BP 4th Season: [Shiden One Flash][edit]

Duration: DEC 30, 04:00, 2019 ~ FEB 10, 04:00, 2020

  • Captains of Lv.20 or higher can unlock Vanguard BP for free
    • Complete specified daily missions, LTO events, and battle missions to gain BP levels for Crystals, Lucion Lucion (Small).png, Honor Chip Honor Chip (Small).png, and more.

BP Shops[edit]

Duration: DEC 30, 04:00, 2019 ~ FEB 13, 04:00, 2020

Elite Works[edit]

New offers: Jin Shengtan, Nuada's Grief, Genome Reaper, Fairy Sword Silven, and other high-tier equipment.

BP Stores[edit]

Captains can purchase Focused Supply Card, AE Imaginon and other rare items.

[Shiden One Flash] Season Rewards[edit]

  • Captains who unlock [Knight BP] or [Paladin BP] and reach BP level 20 in this BP season will receive an exclusive reward: [Rare Outfit Option].
    • Use [Rare Outfit Option] to choose 1 from the following: outfit [Dark Devourer], outfit [Azure], outfit [Helena's Wings], or Asterite x8000 Asterite (Small).png.
    • Captains who unlock [Paladin BP] in this season will instantly receive an exclusive reward: [Fox's Call Ribbon] frame.


  • BP status and level are reset when each BP season ends.
  • Honor Chip expires when each BP season ends. Captains are encouraged to spend them ASAP!