Before the Sandstorm

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Before the Sandstorm
Prodigal Girl (Costume).png
Apr 21, 2020 ~ May 14, 2020
Notable Rewards

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Synopsis[edit source]

The girl named Kiana Kaslana has left her mark at myriad places. Now she must face the greatest sandstorm.

New Story Chapter arriving! Stamina cost halved for previous Story Chapters (V - XIV) on Normal! Let us witness the next stride of Kiana!

Launch Event: Before the Sandstorm[edit | edit source]

Duration: APR 21, 10:00 - MAY 14, 04:00

  • During the event period, the Stamina cost of completing Story stages between Story Chapter V [Tundra Reunion] and Story Chapter XIV [Dispel the Darkness] on Normal for the first time is halved!
    • We will witness the radiance of the redemptive meteor together!
  • A cryptic message that could change the lives of too many darted through the overcast Arc City... you can decipher it on bridge from APR 22, 10:00 to APR 23, 10:00.

Ai-Chan's Reminder[edit | edit source]

The Stamina Cost Discount is only applied to the first time completions and affects Captain EXP gain accordingly.