Bounty Mark (Version 3.7)

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Bounty Mark (Version 3.7)
Bounty Mark (Stage).png
Feb 28, 2020 ~ Mar 06, 2020
Notable Rewards
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Honkai Shard (Icon).png
Frame (Purple).png
AE Imaginon (Icon).png
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Ancient Willpower (Icon).png

Bounty Mark (Version 3.7) (Banner).png

Synopsis[edit source]

Play to win Honkai Shard, AE Imaginon, and Ancient Willpower!

Co-op Battle[edit | edit source]

Duration: FEB 28, 10:00 ~ MAR 6, 04:00

  • Captains must be Lv.30 or higher to participate.
  • Play Expulsion Missions, Co-op Raids, Bounties, and related event missions to earn [Front Supply Coupons] Front Supply Coupon (Small).png during the event period.
  • Spend [Front Supply Coupons] to purchase Spring Battle Limited Supply drops for Honkai Shard Honkai Shard (Small).png, AE Imaginon AE Imaginon (Small).png, and Ancient Willpower Ancient Willpower (Small).png!
  • Up to [Front Supply Coupon] x350 can be earned by playing activities daily (those rewarded by event missions do not count towards this limit).

Expulsion Mission[edit | edit source]

Duration: FEB 28, 10:00 ~ MAR 6, 04:00

  • 2 [Expulsion Missions] can be discovered on the Bounty screen daily during the event period.
  • Every [Expulsion Mission] has a time limit. The number of [Front Supply Coupons] rewarded by [Expulsion Missions] is determined by the DMG output and Stamina consumption of Captains.
  • High-level Captains are more likely to discover High-level [Expulsion Missions]. High-level [Expulsion Missions] are more rewarding.
  • Captains can share [Expulsion Missions] with others and assisting others in [Expulsion Missions] gives rewards.
  • Complete [Expulsion Missions] within the time limit and the Captains who discovered them will receive [Front Supply Coupons].
  • Captains can play [Expulsion Missions] in Frenzy Mode to deal greater DMG by consuming more Stamina.
    • The Stamina limit of daily [Expulsion Missions] assistance is 80.
    • Playing an [Expulsion Missions] costs 8 Stamina in Normal Mode and 24 Stamina in Frenzy Mode.

Bounty Mark Limited Supply[edit | edit source]

Duration: 10:00, FEB 28 ~ 04:00, MAR 12

  • Spend [Front Supply Coupon] x100 during the event period to purchase a Limited Supply drop.
  • This event has 2 Supply pools:
    • The first Limited Supply pool contains 100 drops that include Honkai Shard, AE Imaginon, Ancient Willpower, and Asterite.
    • The second Limited Supply pool contains 200 drops that include AE Imaginon and Mithril.

Ai-chan's Tip: [Front Supply Coupon] expires at MAR 12, 04:00 without return.