Character Interaction System

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Similar to other region's servers, Global also has a Character Interaction System on the bridge.

From Global launch we've had the option to change which Valkyrie is displayed on the bridge by tapping on the speech bubble next to the displayed character, selecting Edit (as shown in the screenshot below), and then selecting the preferred Battlesuit and tapping Edit in the lower right.

After tapping on the speech bubble, the Edit option is displayed to change the displayed Battlesuit.

Notably, the touch system available in other server versions as well as the possible temporary stats bonuses are disabled in the Global version.

A Battlesuit's affection will increase while the game is open, and is currently capped at 4 hearts (levels).

In the May 20th, 2018 Update, the system was updated to include interactions with Kiana that are voiced with the Chinese voice option, with the Japanese voice options coming later. More characters and interactions will be added in future updates.