Darkbolt Jonin Chibi

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Origin: Darkbolt Jonin Battlesuit
Darkbolt Jonin Chibi.png
Background Info
Date of Birth July 22       Height 194cm (including ears)
Gender Female       Weight 56kg
Organization Schicksal       Place of Birth Far East
Valkyrie Armor Story 1
Yae Sakura... She could not recall how she received this name. She is more used to the name Kasumi, even though it is just a code.
Valkyrie Armor Story 2
Kasumi is a qualified ninja. She is hardhearted, ruthless, and always relentless on her missions. Her lost memories of her past wouldn't slow her even a bit. Completing missions was the only meaning of her existence. Nothing in the world ever held her back.
Valkyrie Armor Story 3
Nothing... as always.
Until the day she met that girl.
For the first time in Kasumi's life, she felt a sense of warmth. Her eyes started to see beyond darkness.