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This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Dirac Sea Debuts
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Mar 06, 2019 ~ Apr 04, 2019
Notable Rewards
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Warning! Honkai concentration spike detected up ahead! Dirac Sea is officially open for challenge!

Brace yourself for the new Abyss, Captains!



Officially Open on March 8th, 15:00

  • Between March 8th ~ March 10th, Captains can challenge both Infinity Abyss and Dirac Sea.
  • From Mar 11th, Captains can only challenge 1 out of the 2 modes. Please choose the one you want to challenge for the next round on the Infinity Abyss page.
  • Dirac Sea Tutorial stages will be available from March 8th, 10:00. Captains can get familiarized with this new Abyss mode in the Tutorial stages of the Dirac Sea.
  • Explore the Dirac Sea and complete certain missions to get tons of rewards!
  • Captains must be Lv.35 or higher to participate.

Event RewardsEdit

Challenge Dirac Sea and complete certain missions to get awesome rewards including Imaginary Cores, Abyss Advanced Giftbox, and Abyss Ranking Rewards.

  • Between March 8th ~ March 17th, the Crystal rewards of Promotion Zone and Retention Zone of Dirac Sea will increase by 60 Crystals.
Event Missions
Objective Rewards
  Clear Dirac Sea Tutorial Stage 1 time(s).
  Dirac Sea: Earn 5000 Points.
  Dirac Sea: Earn 15000 Points.
  Clear 1 floor(s) of Dirac Sea by defeating 1 boss(es).
  Clear 2 floor(s) of Dirac Sea by defeating 2 boss(es).
  Defeat 4 enemy mobs in the Dirac Sea.
  Use items 2 time(s) in the Dirac Sea.
  Clear any Raid stage 1 time(s).
  Gain 10 Exploration. Dirac Sea: 5 pts per floor. Infinity Abyss: 1 pt per floor.
  Gain 20 Exploration. Dirac Sea: 5 pts per floor. Infinity Abyss: 1 pt per floor.

Event RulesEdit

  • Dirac Sea has 4 floors. Each floor features a Boss. Defeat the Boss to enter the next floor.
    • Defeating each enemy wave gives points and weakens the Boss of the floor; or, go straight to the Boss room and defeat the Boss to earn all of the points of that floor.
  • The Boss of the last floor can be challenged repeatedly. The shorter the clearance time is, the more points will be earned.
  • Ranking will be based on total points earned (score). If 2 Captains have the same score, then whoever gets the score earlier will be ranked higher.
  • Each round lasts 2 days. Zone rewards will be issued when the round ends. Like Infinity Abyss, higher Zones offer better rewards.
  • When battles in Dirac Sea have last a certain amount of time, the Valkyries will begin to keep losing HP at a rate related to Captain Level Group and Abyss Tier.
    • All Valkyries' HP will be fully restored after every battle.
  • Items such as Interferron, Trap, Anti-Debuff and Mag Card can be collected in Dirac Sea.
    • Interferron can be used to summon a powerful Interfere Boss in the area of a targeted Captain.
      • If the summoned Interfere Boss is not killed within 2 hours, the targeted Captain will lose some points.
      • No more than 3 Interfere Bosses can be summoned in one Captain's area at the same time.
  • Captains can set a Trap to get 1 buff in the next battle for yourselves, and only 1 buff can be activated at the same time. Triggering Traps set by other Captains will bring debuffs.
    • Captains can use Anti-Debuff to remove all trap debuffs received and protect yourselves from more trap debuffs until the next battle ends.
  • Mag Card can be used to turn off or turn on the Map Device in the areas.

Tips from Ai-chanEdit

  • Deducted points can be restored by defeating the Interfere Bosses summoned if your areas before finalization.
  • If Captains choose the other Abyss mode for the next round, your position in the current Abyss will be retained (except for the Infinity group), but with no rewards. Captains who are in the Myriad group of an Abyss mode and do not choose that mode for the next round will be relegated to the Red Lotus group in the next round.
  • In the first round of Dirac Sea, Captains will be in the same group as in the last round of Infinity Abyss.