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P.5 -> P.6 Common Area
Number of Valkyries that can be placed   5 -> 6
Dorm energy limit increased.   20 -> 40
Unlock Room   0 -> 1
New Room Unlocked: Bedroom
Dorm Carpet (Icon).png Carpet Base number of Furniture   2
Dorm Large (Icon).png Large Base number of Furniture   4
Dorm Small (Icon).png Small Base number of Furniture   4
Dorm Decoration (Icon).png Decoration Base number of Furniture   4
Dorm Window (Icon).png Window Base number of Furniture   1
Dorm Wall Sticker (Icon).png Wall Stickers Base number of Furniture   0
Dorm Appliance (Icon).png Appliance Base number of Furniture   1
Renovation Time 20m 00s
Renovation Cost
Achievement Reward Frame (Blue).png
Home Materials (Icon).png
Required Comfort Level 450 Comfort 3 (Icon).png