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Origin: Dracula Stigmata
Dracula Chibi.png
Background Info
Activity Europe       Height 173cm
Stats Chaotic Evil       Weight 58kg
Area of Achievement Military, Hunting       Place of Birth Wallachia
Stigma Memory Clip 1
She was once the Voivode of Wallachia and a warrior that everyone respected. People addressed her as Dracula. It meant the "Daughter of the Dragon" to honor her courage.
Stigma Memory Clip 2
She forgot what happened that day. She remembered leading the Wallachians against the invading enemies and being overwhelmed by sleep during battle. When she woke, Dracula found herself covered in blood and the only one alive on the battlefield.
Stigma Memory Clip 3
These intermittent episodes of amnesia became more frequent and irregular. One thing was for certain. She would regain consciousness in a foreign place surrounded by the bodies of strangers. The heroine of Wallachia slowly became a reviled demoness.
Stigma Memory Clip 4
Dracula chose to leave her people, but the nightmare did not stop there. Her successor founded an organization and hired many elite warriors to capture her. Dracula was puzzled why those warriors tried not to kill her but to bring her in alive.
She somehow remembered that these warriors hailed from "Schicksal".
Stigma Memory Clip 5
She ran into a Schicksal ambush and suffered grave injuries while trying to escape to the Kingdom of Hungary. The Weaver of Fate worked in mysterious ways. Dracula found herself stumbling into Csejthe Castle where she met Elizabeth Bathory. Their eyes met. The ex-Voivode and the Lady of Csejthe immediately knew that they were part of the same Kindred.