Dragon Spine/4-star

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Dragon Spine (4) (Icon).png ATK CRT Rarity
171 8 Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngGray Star (Icon).png
A greatsword forged by the Anti-Entropy using the marrow extracted from Chiyou, and ancient Honkai beast. Chiyou was also known as "The Dragon" and has an enormous bulk. Rumors say that in the depths of the seas Chiyou waits dreaming.
Draconic Vortex
[SP: 6][CD: 15] Leaps towards the target to unleash a spinning slash, dealing 360% ATK of Physical DMG to enemies in a large AOE and immobilizing them for 4.5s. During the period, the enemies also bleed, taking 96 DMG every 0.5s.
Blood Thirsty
Every hit against a bleeding enemy heals the character for 20 HP.
Obtained From
Blood Realm

Upgrade Materials Required To Next Rarity

Required To Fully Upgrade
Frame (Purple).png
Honkai Cube (Icon).png
Frame (Purple).png
Twin Sakura Will (Icon).png
Frame (Purple).png
Phase Shifter (Icon).png