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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Dreams of Gemina Version Update

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May 23, 2019 ~ Jul 03, 2019
Notable Rewards
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Crystals (Icon).png
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Evolve Core (Icon).png
Frame (Purple).png
Smelted Core (Icon).png
Frame (Purple).png
Drive Kometa (Costume) (Icon).png
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Fire and Sword (Icon).png
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Sword and Fire (Icon).png

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Synopsis[edit source]

Battleship upgrades have been completed! Thank you for your patience. Captains of Lv.15 or higher will get 300 Crystals in the mailbox! Log in for 7 days to get rewards including [Blueberry Blitz] fragments, 120 Crystals, and 3★ stigma [Olenyevas: Plum Rain (B)]!

The stage is set for the new S-rank battlesuit [Molotov Cherry] of Rozaliya and A-rank battlesuit [Blueberry Blitz] of Liliya, the star twins from Siberia! The long lost ruins have emerged again. Summoned warriors, your journey starts here! [Honkai Kingdoms] is coming and so is war!

New battlesuits - Molotov Cherry & Blueberry Blitz[edit | edit source]

Valkyrie Background (PSY).png
Molotov Cherry (Icon).png
Valkyrie Background (MECH).png
Blueberry Blitz (Icon).png
  • S-rank battlesuit [Molotov Cherry] of Rozaliya: PSY-type. Specializes in dealing sustained Physical DMG at close-to-mid range. Powerful buffs and joint attacks will be unlocked when [Blueberry Blitz] is also on the team.
  • A-rank battlesuit [Blueberry Blitz] of Liliya: MECH-type. Proficient in counter-attacking and empowering teammates.
  • Captains can unlock the new battlesuits in the following ways:
    • [Blueberry Blitz] Fragments can be obtained by clearing the new Chronicles Chapter and taking part in certain events.
    • [Molotov Cherry] Fragments can be bought at [War Treasury] and [Witch's Corridor].
    • [Molotov Cherry] & [Blueberry Blitz] will be featured in Expansion Supply starting from 12:00, MAY 24. Please refer to relevant announcements for more details.
  • Note: [Molotov Cherry] & [Blueberry Blitz] will be added into the Standard Supply pool shortly after the Expansion Supply event ends.

New Chronicles Chapter – Dreams of Gemina[edit | edit source]

Dreams of Gemina (Mission).png

  • The Honkai Impact 3rd Lead Valkyrie Election coming soon! The born-to-be-idol Olenyeya twins have also joined the competition for HI3 Lead Valkyrie. Take a seat and enjoy their debut!

New spring event: Honkai Kingdoms[edit | edit source]

Honkai Kingdoms (Stage).png

  • 3 rival kingdoms have started a never-ending war over the legendary treasure... As a traveler summoned from another world, you will fight for your kingdom and sway the tide of battle for glory and victory!

Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal[edit | edit source]

Frame (Purple).png
Sleeping Beauty (5) (Icon).png
Frame (Purple).png
Swan Lake (5) (Icon).png
Frame (Purple).png
Nobel (T) (Icon).png
Stigmata Top.png
Frame (Purple).png
Nobel (M) (Icon).png
Stigmata Middle.png
Frame (Purple).png
Nobel (B) (Icon).png
Stigmata Bottom.png
Frame (Purple).png
Mendeleev (T) (Icon).png
Stigmata Top.png
Frame (Purple).png
Mendeleev (M) (Icon).png
Stigmata Middle.png
Frame (Purple).png
Mendeleev (B) (Icon).png
Stigmata Bottom.png

Game Adjustments and Improvements[edit | edit source]

Battlesuits[edit | edit source]

Stats below are max level figures:

  • Black Nucleus
    • New effect of skill [Thermal Activation]: Boosts Crit Damage by 10~30%.
  • Dimension Breaker
    • During Ultimate [Project Bunny], the defense skill icon is replaced by the evasion skill icon.
  • Wolf's Dawn
    • Visual effects improved for her Ultimate [GROM Slam].
  • Yamabuki Armor
    • With Augment Core activated:
      • Fixed a bug where shockwaves from [Space Warp] would proc off battle in Open World.
      • Special effects improved for the shield when she is dressed in [Candy Demon] or [Helena's Wings].
      • During Ultimate [Obliterate Mode], the defense skill icon is replaced by the evasion skill icon.
  • Valkyrie Bladestrike
    • Her Ultimate can now be unleashed anytime during the last sequence of combo attacks (with or without Augment Core activated).
    • With Augment Core activated:
      • The Ultimate attacks have been improved and will no longer knock down airborne enemies.
      • Particle effects trailing her body when she has EM Reserve have been improved.
      • Fixed a bug where the bonus Crit damage from skill [Blade Flurry] did not take effect.
  • Vermilion Knight: Eclipse
    • Fixed a bug where in certain scenarios, the 2nd sequence of [Annihilating Flames] couldn't be cast after the 1st.
  • All Kiana, Mei, Bronya and Himeko battlesuits
    • Part of the bridge interaction VO has been improved.
  • All battlesuits
    • Sound effects have been improved, and Time Fracture sound effects will no longer play randomly when Valkyries are in action.
    • In v3.1, the SP cost to level up skills has been halved (and rounded down when necessary).

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Skill effects improved for the weapon skills of Core Evoker Delta and Briareus PRI.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

  • Aesir Heimdall
    • The conditions to break its energy shield have changed to:
      • During Heimdall's defense mode, its shield can be shattered by heavy hits from multiple attacks.
      • During Heimdall's defense mode, Ignite, Bleed and other debuffs will no longer trigger its counterattack.
  • Assaka:
    • Camera jitter improved during battle.
    • Fixed a bug where the special effects for the 7-hit ground slam were misplaced.
    • Fixed a bug where the special effects for the ground slam using its club were rendered incorrectly.
  • The way Valkyries' DEF mitigates damage from high-rank enemies has changed. High-rank enemies now deal less damage to Valkyries.

Stages[edit | edit source]

  • Expedition
    • The required numbers of battlesuits for Expeditions have dropped. Expedition stages recommended for Captains under Lv.30/under Lv.60/Lv.60 or higher now require 1/2/3 battlesuits respectively.
    • Mithril, Evolve Core and Jingwei's Wings Parts can now be obtained through Expedition (once you have met corresponding level requirements and unlocked corresponding Story Chapter stages).
    • On the Expedition screen, the background colors of Expedition materials now match their star levels.
  • Form Team
    • Now available for Team Raid [Eye of the Deep]. Captains can now quickly create teams via Team List, and challenge [Eye of the Deep] together with Armada buddies.
  • Team Raid: [Eye of the Deep]
    • The level requirements for the raid have changed. Captains of Lv.55~74 are eligible for [Normal Mode: Basic] (team of 6); Captains of Lv.75~82 are eligible for [Normal Mode: ADV] (team of 12).
    • The opening hours for the raid have changed. Monday to Friday: 18:00 ~ 24:00; Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 ~ 04:00 the next day.
    • New Eye of the Deep [Challenge Mode] for Captains of Lv.80 or higher.
    • Team Pack changed for Normal Mode: Basic (Lv.55~74): [GP Talengem] replaced by [SS Imaginon] & [AE Imaginon]; Team Pack for Normal Mode: ADV (Lv.75~82): [GP Talengem] replaced ** an equal number of Options (offering one the following by choice: GP Talengem x1, Super Alloy Shield x2, Phase Shifter x2 or Tesla Turbine x2).
    • Personal Pack changed: Seasonal Score Rewards for 2600 points changed to AE Imaginon x5. Requirements lowered for Lv.55~74 Personal Pack.
    • [Challenge Mode] rewards will be finalized at the end of the season, and Captains can claim Asterite x1,500 and [AE Imaginon] x15.
    • Tutorial button improved. After clearing the tutorial, the entry button will be concealed.
    • The Personal Pack section has been improved, and Captains can now view their current progress clearly.
  • Path of Apotheosis
    • Battlesuit gear swap improved. Captains can now swap gear for battlesuits directly on the Path of Apotheosis screen.
    • Battlesuit attempts for Difficulty 1 and 2 have increased, while stage difficulty has dropped.
  • Memorial Arena: Camera movements in some scenes have been improved.
  • Chronicles Chapters
    • The conditions to complete the last Challenge Mode missions have changed. Details:
      • Everlasting Memory - Perfect Memory (IX): Clear Challenge Mode stages 20 times.
      • Chapter Xuanyuan - Perfect Memory (IX): Clear Challenge Mode stages 20 times.
      • Chapter Chiyou - Perfect Memory (V): Clear Challenge Mode stages 20 times.
      • Dilemma Dreamland - Perfect Memory (X): Earn a total of 20,000 points in Challenge Mode.
      • Kallen Fantasy VII - Perfect Memory (VI): Earn a total of 20,000 points in Challenge Mode.
      • The Forgotten - Perfect Memory (VIII): Earn a total of 20,000 points in Challenge Mode.
    • Captains who have completed these missions before the version update will be compensated accordingly:
      • Everlasting Memory, Chapter Xuanyuan and Chapter Chiyou: Stamina Potion x1 will be compensated for every 5 clearings above 20 (with decimals rounded up).
      • Dilemma Dreamland, Kallen Fantasy VII and The Forgotten: Stamina Potion x1 will be compensated for every 3,750 points above 20,000 (with decimals rounded up).
  • Story Missions: Coin rewards increased.
  • Character Trials: New stages for [Blueberry Blitz], [Molotov Cherry] and [Yamabuki Armor].

ELFs[edit | edit source]

  • Skill Adjustments
    • Fixed a bug where Talent [Meditate] did not work as described.
    • Talent [Fast Reflex] moved from Talent Bank [Might] to [Essence].
    • Talent [Veteran] moved from Talent Bank [Essence] to [Might].
    • ELF attack timing adjusted. When the camera focuses on a Boss, ELFs will no longer auto-attack.
    • ELF combat performance tweaked. ELFs will disappear when Valkyries enter a vehicle, and reappear when they exit (Co-op stages unaffected for now).
  • Interface Adjustments
    • The ELFs' hair and outfits now feel softer on the ELF screen.
    • On the screen to deploy ELFs, the Menu button has been concealed to avoid fat-finger errors.
    • Added clarity for the ELF skill page. Only skills that can be leveled up are now highlighted.
    • The interface and skill order of Talent Bank have been improved.
    • ELF entrance VO will play when entering the ELF screen.
  • VO Adjustments
    • ELFs will speak less often during battle.
    • VO improved. ELFs' standby VO will no longer play during storyline dialogs.
    • New setting to tune up or down the volume of ELF VO independently.
  • Bugfix
    • Fixed a bug where some Captains could deploy ELFs before reaching Lv.50 in certain situations.

Armada[edit | edit source]

  • New A-rank battlesuits fragments available in the Armada Warehouse.
  • In v3.1, Fuel Consumption x3 will be active for Matrix. During Fuel Consumption x3, the Matrix game mode will consume 3 Armada Fuel while granting 3 times the drops!

Shops[edit | edit source]

  • New Bundle Mart
    • New [Bundle Mart] available. Captains can now view and pick Bundles more easily.
    • Outfit Shop items moved to [Bundle Mart] - Outfits.
    • Crystal Top-up, B-Chip Top-up and Top-up Rewards moved to [Bundle Mart] - Top-up.
    • [Special Bundles] screen removed.
  • Materials simplified & adjusted:
    • Original 1/2★ Weekday upgrade materials replaced by Moon Shard and Twin Moon Shard respectively; Original 3★ Weekday upgrade materials and Unreal Soda replaced by Moon Will.
    • Original 1/2★ common upgrade materials replaced by Greatsword Bladepiece and Titanium Barrel.
    • Open World food ingredients replaced by Vegetables.
    • All Valkyrie Dorm gifts replaced by Valkyrie Gift Box, with conditions to complete Dorm gift missions adjusted accordingly.
  • Low star-level equipment shards have expired:
    • 2★ weapon/stigma shards have expired and converted to 0.1 of the corresponding weapon/stigma each (decimals are rounded up).
    • [Elizabeth Bathory (B)] has converted to 1.2 [Honkai Piece] each (decimals are rounded up).
    • Story stages that drop weapon/stigma fragments: The first clearing is sure to grant weapon/stigma shards, while further clearings may or may not grant these shards.
  • Witch's Corridor
    • Now available: A-rank battlesuit [Sündenjäger] fragments.
    • S-rank battlesuit fragments replaced by that of [Knight Moonbeam], [Black Nucleus] and [Sixth Serenade] (exchangeable with [Pure Witch Orb]).
    • ELF parts can now be salvaged for Witch Orb.
    • [Molotov Cherry] fragments available throughout v3.1. Price: Witch Orb x1200. Weekly purchase limit: 5.
  • War Treasury
    • Now available: [Molotov Cherry] fragments. Weekly purchase limit: 9 (v3.2 or later: 6).
  • LTO Exchange
  • Time Swirl Pass Chest removed (Armada Fuel Chest still available in v3.1)
  • Land of Wishes
    • Round 2 available. Captain level required: 15.
    • Round 1 is still available and Round 2 can only be unlocked with Round 1 fulfilled.
    • Land of Wishes Round 2 caps at 80 prayers, which means it takes no more than 80 prayers to obtain the Valkyrie Ovyom [S] for Round 2.
    • When opened, the Ovyom grants one of the following battlesuits by choice: [Blood Rose], [Phoenix] or [Goushinnso Memento].

Base[edit | edit source]

  • Commander Training Room is now easier to unlock. Captains can now boost combat stats of Himeko battlesuits before unlocking any of them.

Dorms[edit | edit source]

  • Move In Procedure now available for Molotov Cherry and Blueberry Blitz. Corresponding interactions and events also added.

Novice[edit | edit source]

  • New Novice Co-op event for Captains of Lv.60 or lower to obtain fragments of one of the following battlesuits by choice: [Ritual Imayoh], [Shadow Dash] or [Valkyrie Pledge].
  • Captains of Lv.15~60 can clear Novice Co-op event stages to claim Event Supply Coupon, which grants A-rank battlesuit card, Standard Supply Card x4, stigmata [Ryunosuke Akutagawa] and other rewards.
  • Level requirements changed for certain systems and modes.
  • Valkyrie Training removed.
  • Frenzy Mode now only available to Captains of Lv.70 or higher.

Others[edit | edit source]

  • Affix identification
    • Affix identification simplified. Newly acquired stigmata are now identified already and no longer require manual swiping.
  • Mail view interface improved.
    • When checking mails, the attachments will be directly shown in the mail.
  • Collection - Outfits: ACRs added to the album.

Bugfixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug where certain scenes in certain Chronicles stages might black out.
  • Fixed a bug where errors might occur when entering certain stage with an ELF.
  • Fixed a bug where Dirac Sea stats were shown incorrectly in Captain Info - Battle Stats.
  • Fixed a bug where errors might occur when viewing Valkyrie profiles on the Newbie Bonus page.
  • Fixed a bug where on the Time Swirl - Blueprint Recycling confirmation screen, Time Swirl Pass was shown incorrectly as resulting materials.
  • Fixed a bug where in some Story Chapters, NPC Rita's model were rendered incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where in Co-op stages, teammate damage did not show after tapping the left-side button.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

300 crystals and Blueberry Blitz Fragments, 120 Crystals and 3★ stigma Olenyevas: Plum Rain (B) upon log-in.