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ELF Selune's Elegy

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ELF Selune's Elegy.png
Origin Selune's Elegy
DMG Type Ice
How to Unlock Selune's Elegy Parts x150
She styles herself Lady Death, the angel of eternal sleep.

She speaks slowly in a deep a mysterious voice.

Though emotionally detached, she still enjoys making dark jokes.

Skills[edit source]

ELF Ultimate.png

Selune's Requiem

ELF General.png

Shadow Strike

ELF Passive.png

Dark Form

ELF Ultimate.png

Selune's Requiem

Throws a scythe to deal 400%x5 ATK of Ice DMG. Spawns Death's Aura that immobilizes enemies. These enemies then take 5% more Ice DMG. Selune's Elegy attacks random targets in the Aura AOE 7 times (same target can be hit up to 4 times). Each hit deals 680.0% ATK of Ice DMG to the target and nearby enemies. Then deal 1500% ATK of Ice DMG to enemies in the Aura AOE and knock them airborne.
CD: 30 s

SP cost: 75

ELF Ultimate.png

Shadow Strike

Swings her scythe to deal multiple ATKs, dealing a total of 560% ATK of Ice DMG. Hits also recover 8 SP.
ATK Interval: 3.3 s

ELF Ultimate.png

Dark Form

Selune's Elegy deals 32.0% more Ice DMG. Enemies will still take 5% more Ice DMG for 8s after escaping from Death's Aura.