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ELF Blood Embrace

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ELF Blood Embrace.png
Origin Blood Embrace
DMG Type Physical
How to Unlock Parts - Blood Embrace x100
The ELF version of the cross weapon Blood Embrace. She swings a huge ax while waltzing across the field of battle.

The weapon itself is constructed using the core of 3 Honkai Beasts. This also gave rise to 3 personalities in the ELF. She is a cold war machine in combat. Once the fighting is over, she'll revert to a more gentle yet coy behavior.

Despite aspiring to become a bloodthirsty vampire, she actually drinks tomato juice. She is working hard to make everyone fear her.

Skills[edit source]

ELF Ultimate.png

Bloody Sentence

ELF General.png

Ax of Destruction

ELF Passive.png

Siphon Life

ELF Ultimate.png

Bloody Sentence

Charge at the target while swinging a giant ax, dealing 360%x3 ATK of Physical DMG to nearby enemies, then toss ax into the sky. When the ax slams on the ground, deal 2900% ATK of AOE Physical DMG near the target. Bloody Sentence deals 80% more shield DMG and 2,400 more DMG against shields.
CD: 30 s

SP cost: 75

ELF Ultimate.png

Ax of Destruction

Mighty forward swing of a giant ax that deals 400% ATK of Physical DMG. When attack hits, gain 8 SP.
ATK Interval: 3.3 s

ELF Ultimate.png

Siphon Life

Deal 42% more Physical DMG. Against shields or enemies taking fixed DMG, deal 200% more DMG.