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ELF Jingwei's Wings

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ELF Jingwei's Wings.png
Origin Jingwei's Wings
DMG Type Fire
How to Unlock Parts - Jingwei's Wings x5
An ELF version of the Pantheon-series pistols Jingwei's Wings. She is a divine bird that soars in the air and wields crimson fire.

But try not to let her talk. Once she starts, the ELF will just keep going on and on and on about her years of experience. She's working very hard to become a well-learned sage and master, but she ended up being a noisy nagger.

Like the fiery pistols named Jingwei's Wings itself, the ELF is also a skilled fire wielder. She can also quickly heal injuries on her human companions. The ELFs truly have great potential.

Skills[edit source]

ELF Ultimate.png

Legacy of Starfire

ELF General.png

Blazing Pinion

ELF Passive.png

Fire Fairy

ELF Ultimate.png

Legacy of Starfire

Perform Jingwei's Dance to heal Valkyries on the field for 100 HP per 0.25s for a total of 5 times. Once the Dance ends, the ELF releases her fiery energy to deal 1400% ATK of Fire DMG to enemies near the Valkyrie.
CD: 40s

SP cost: 50

ELF Ultimate.png

Blazing Pinion

Unleashes the Blazing Pinion to deal 400% ATK of Fire DMG to the target location. When attack hits, gain 5 SP.
ATK Interval: 3.3 s

ELF Ultimate.png

Fire Fairy

Deal 16% more Fire DMG and gain 22% HP healing buff to Valkyries.