Economic Overhaul

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Economic Overhaul
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Apr 18, 2019 ~ May 01, 2019
Notable Rewards
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Synopsis[edit source]

For a better experience of in-game currency exchange, the dev team has decided to overhaul the shops and streamline Open World materials. Two new materials, [Mithril] and [Asterite], along with the existing [Ancient Willpower], will become the 3 common exchange materials in the game, capable of being exchanged for most items in the shops.

  • Note: This change is permanent but this page will expire from the front page on May 1st.

Exchange between the Common Materials[edit | edit source]

  • One [Asterite] can be exchanged for 10 [Mithril].
  • 600 [Mithril] plus 225 [Asterite] can be exchanged for 3 [Ancient Willpower], up to 70 times per month.
    • A total of 210 [Ancient Willpower] can be exchanged with [Mithril] and [Asterite] monthly.

Conversion of Open World Materials[edit | edit source]

As of now, Captains can still exchange Open World materials for other items.

In the new version, all existing materials will convert into common exchange materials at certain ratios. The conversion ratios are:

Economic Overhaul (Conversion).png

Note: Decimals are rounded up. For example, 11 Silver Coins can be exchanged for 26.4 (27) [Mithril] and 3.3 (4) [Asterite].

Open World Material Collection[edit | edit source]

In Open World - Schicksal HQ and Sakura Samsara, collectible materials will be changed to [Ancient Willpower], [Mithril], and [Asterite].

  • Note: Material collection is subject to random fluctuations, and the numbers are for reference only.

Schicksal HQ[edit | edit source]

Economic Overhaul (Schicksal).png

Sakura Samsara[edit | edit source]

Economic Overhaul (Samsara).png

Higokumaru: Daily Collection[edit | edit source]

In Open World, daily collectible materials from Higokumaru will be changed to [Mithril] and [Asterite]. Below are comparisons between collections of original and new materials:

Economic Overhaul (Higokumaru).png

Schicksal HQ: Mecha Defense Rewards[edit | edit source]

Weekly rewards of Schicksal HQ: Mecha Defense will be changed to [Ancient Willpower] and [Asterite]. Below are comparisons between acquisitions of original and new materials:

Economic Overhaul (Defense).png

Other Ways to Obtain Mithril & Asterite[edit | edit source]

  • The original daily reward for reaching 150 Duty Points has been changed from [Intermediate Toolbox] x2 to [Mithril] x1200.
  • [Mithril] & [Asterite] can be obtained by selling or salvaging certain items.
  • New system: Energy. Captains can obtain [Energy] points by completing Daily Missions or obtaining Duty Points. Consume [Energy] points to get extra [Asterite] when selling or salvaging items.

Changes to War Treasury[edit | edit source]

Economic Overhaul (Treasury).png

Changes to A-rank Battlesuit Soul Exchange in Open World Shops[edit | edit source]

Economic Overhaul (Battlesuits).png

Other Shop Changes[edit | edit source]

  • [Exchange Shop] and [Memory Shop] will be changed to [Mithril Shop] and [Asterite Shop] respectively.
  • Apart from [War Treasury], all equipment exchange options will be integrated into the [Foundry]. Captains can access Foundry through [Supply] -> [Foundry].
  • All materials exchange options in Open World shops will be moved into [Mithril Shop] & [Asterite Shop].
  • 2~3★ weekday materials, 2~3★ upgrade materials, 3~4★ equipment/battlesuit EXP materials in [Logistics Terminal] will be moved into [Mithril Shop]. 4★ weekday materials, 4★ upgrade materials will be moved into [Asterite Shop].
  • [Dorm Shop] will close, and its Home Material and Furni-Bitz will be moved into [Mithril Shop]. Tasty Dessert will be moved into [Asterite Shop]. Furni-Bitz and Construction Permit will be moved into [Logistics Terminal].