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Origin: Elizabeth Bathory Stigmata
Elizabeth Bathory Chibi.png
Background Info
Activity Europe       Height 160cm
Stats Chaotic Evil       Weight 48kg
Area of Achievement Politics, gardening       Place of Birth Hungary
Stigma Memory Clip 1
Elizabeth Bathory is the most powerful lady in the annals of the Kingdom of Hungary, but also the most notorious. Castle Csejthe was the place where roses bloom all year. Its stony walls kept Elizabeth a prisoner.
Stigma Memory Clip 2
She did not remember what happened that day. It was the final banquet at Csejthe. The nobles gathered to celebrate her birthday, but Elizabeth fell asleep during the feast. There was nothing but red roses and silent guests lying in puddles of blood in their eternal sleep when she finally woke.
Stigma Memory Clip 3
No one dared to visit the Csjthe after that incident. Elizabeth thought she would be used to such loneliness. While walking in her rose gardens one night, someone covered in blood fell right into Elizabeth's rose gardens... and her life. It was Dracula.
Stigma Memory Clip 4
What surprised Elizabeth was that Dracula's seemingly lethal wounds healed miraculously. To repay the boon of saving her life, Dracula would bring delicious desserts and tales from the outside world to sate her curiosities. Elizabeth would listen quietly as she enjoyed the stories and the act of being a lady.
This lasted for several months until...
Stigma Memory Clip 5
"I'm sorry, Elizabeth. I have to go. Schicksal is after me. I can't let them get to you..."
"Then... take me along with you."
The roses always bloom at Castle Csejthe.