Flashpoint Action (Version 3.6)

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Flashpoint Action (Version 3.6)
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Jan 20, 2020 ~ Feb 03, 2020
Notable Rewards
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Einstein's Torus (Icon).png
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SC Metal-H2 (Icon).png
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Synopsis[edit source]

What lurks in the depths of the combat simulator?

[Flashpoint Action] is available once more! Captains of Lv.81 or higher are eligible for the challenge. Play to win PRI-ARM materials, Gold Pins, and more!

Overview[edit | edit source]

Duration: JAN 20, 10:00 ~ FEB 3, 04:00

  • Captains must be Lv.81 or higher to participate.

Flashpoint Action[edit | edit source]

  • Complete stage challenges to earn points.
    • When a number of stages are completed and points milestones are reached, Captains will be rewarded with Einstein's Torus (up to 15 weekly), SC Metal-H2, Gold Pin, and more!
  • Only certain battlesuits can be deployed for [Operation Flashpoint]. Check the list of battlesuits available in the current cycle for more info.
  • [Flashpoint Action] consists of 2 types of stages that reward points when completed:
    • [Challenge stages] that cannot be replayed
    • [Battle Loop stages] (unlocked after completing Flashpoint Action: Purgatorio Fort) that can be replayed.
    • The difficulty and rewarded points of Battle Loop stages increase as Captains complete more Challenge stages.
  • In [Flashpoint Action], certain enemies have special status weaknesses.
    • Attack with skills that apply status weaknesses they are weak against to trigger advantageous effects!
    • In this cycle of Flashpoint Action, certain enemies will be immobilized and suffer more Fire DMG temporarily when their Ignite Trauma has been maxed
  • In [Flashpoint Action], the points milestone and stage progress is reset weekly.
    • Keep playing to keep claiming rewards!

LTO Mission: Flashpoint Action[edit | edit source]

Special missions are also available during the event period. Complete specified missions in Flashpoint Action to claim rewards including Gold Pins on the mission screen.

Ai-chan's Tip[edit | edit source]

If you find certain Challenge stages too challenging, you can still farm enough points by replaying Battle Loop stages. Choose the playing style that suits you the best!