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Divine Prayer Fragment.png
Divine Prayer Fragment
Herrscher of the Void Soul.png
Herrscher of the Void Soul
Knight Moonbeam Fragment.png
Knight Moonbeam Fragment
Valkyrie Ranger Fragment.png
Valkyrie Ranger Fragment
White Comet Fragment.png
White Comet Fragment

Crimson Impulse Fragment.png
Crimson Impulse Fragment
Herrscher of Thunder Soul.png
Herrscher of Thunder Soul
Lightning Empress Fragment.png
Lightning Empress Fragment
Shadow Dash Fragment.png
Shadow Dash Fragment
Valkyrie Bladestrike Fragment.png
Valkyrie Bladestrike Fragment

Black Nucleus Soul.png
Black Nucleus Soul
Dimension Breaker Fragment.png
Dimension Breaker Fragment
Herrscher of Reason Soul.png
Herrscher of Reason Soul
Snowy Sniper Fragment.png
Snowy Sniper Fragment
Valkyrie Chariot Fragment.png
Valkyrie Chariot Fragment
Wolf's Dawn Fragment.png
Wolf's Dawn Soul
Yamabuki Armor Fragment.png
Yamabuki Armor Fragment

Battle Storm Fragment.png
Battle Storm Fragment
Blood Rose Fragment.png
Blood Rose Fragment
Kriegsmesser Soul.png
Kriegsmesser Soul
Scarlet Fusion Fragment.png
Scarlet Fusion Fragment
Valkyrie Triumph Fragment.png
Valkyrie Triumph Fragment
Vermilion Knight - Eclipse Soul.png
Vermilion Knight - Eclipse Soul

Darkbolt Jonin Fragment.png
Darkbolt Jonin Fragment
Flame Sakitama Soul.png
Flame Sakitama Soul
Goushinnso Memento Soul.png
Goushinnso Memento Fragment
Gyakushinn Miko Soul.png
Gyakushinn Miko Fragment

Celestial Hymn Fragment.png
Celestial Hymn Fragment
Luna Kindred Soul.png
Luna Kindred Soul
Sakuno Rondo Fragment.png
Sakuno Rondo Fragment
Starlit Astrologos Fragment.png
Starlit Astrologos Fragment
Valkyrie Pledge Fragment.png
Valkyrie Pledge Fragment
Violet Executer Fragment.png
Violet Executer Fragment

Azure Empyrea Soul.png
Azure Empyrea Soul
Night Squire Fragment.png
Night Squire Fragment
Phoenix Fragment.png
Phoenix Fragment
Shadow Knight Fragment.png
Shadow Knight Fragment
Valkyrie Accipiter Fragment.png
Valkyrie Accipiter Fragment

Ritual Imayoh Soul.png
Imayoh Ritual Soul
Sixth Serenade Soul.png
Sixth Serenade Soul
Sundenjager Soul.png
Sündenjäger Soul

Argent Knight - Artemis Fragment.png
Argent Knight - Artemis Fragment
Fallen Rosemary Fragment.png
Fallen Rosemary Fragment
Phantom Iron Fragment.png
Phantom Iron Fragment
Umbral Rose Fragment.png
Umbral Rose Fragment

Blueberry Blitz Fragment.png
Blueberry Blitz Fragment

Molotov Cherry Fragment.png
Molotov Cherry Fragment

Stygian Nymph Fragment.png
Stygian Nymph Fragment
Swallowtail Phantasm Fragment.png
Swallowtail Phantasm Fragment

Bright Knight - Excelsis Fragment.png
Bright Knight - Excelsis Fragment
Valkyrie Gloria Fragment.png
Valkyrie Gloria Fragment


Parts - Blood Embrace.png
Parts - Blood Embrace
Parts - Jingwei's Wings.png
Parts - Jingwei's Wings

Book of Fuxi Parts.png
Book of Fuxi Parts
Selune's Elegy Parts.png
Selune's Elegy Parts