Frostmoon Bunny

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Frostmoon Bunny.png
[Equip on: Divine Prayer]

On a clear winter’s night, a carefree bunny raised her jade wine glass to be bright moon: ”Life is too short to care about right or wrong. Here’s to Carpe Diem!”

🥋 Look: Combat outfit with a new look.
🌋 Ultimate: New Ultimate effects.
Obtained From
Honkai Kingdoms - ZERO
Sale Price Rarity
Cannot be sold

Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png

• Interesting facts:
• 1. One of the theories of a fan of the game HI3 says that the suit is of Kiana Kaslana Divine Player not only for all sorts of battles, but also for the Mid-moon festival, to which she wears this costume. And some even consider it true, and some consider it a fact.
• 2. The best combination:
• Stigmatas: Picasso (T), Picasso (M), Picasso (B);
• Weapons: Holy Guns - Kallen.