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Galactic Nova (3) (Icon).png ATK CRT Rarity
148 6 Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngGray Star (Icon).png
A mike stand with a mecha-vibe to it. The base is printed with the name of its owner: Mei. The sturdy construction was originally meant to keep the mike stand from falling over on stage. But someone figured out another function. You can actually flip this around to unleash a World of Hurt.
Lights on Stage
[SP: 15][CD: 30s] Switches on the Lighting FX for 10s. When the character equipping Glactic Nova is in the Lighting FX area, each attack hit deals 139.7 more Physical DMG.

[Concert Stage] When picking up a Sparkling Star, all characters gain 5% Crit Rate for 5s. Effect cannot stack.

Sparkling Star
When the character is deployed, 1 Sparkling Star appears nearby every 3s. Sparkling Star lasts 4.5s. When picking up the Sparkling Star, deal 140% ATK of Physical DMG to a random, nearby target and enemies surrounding it.
Obtained From
Upgrade Galactic Nova

Upgrade Materials Required To Next Rarity

Required To Fully Upgrade