Gemina Invasions - Deep Paradise Arc

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Gemina Invasions - Deep Paradise Arc
Aug 06, 2020 ~ Aug 27, 2020
Notable Rewards
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Crystals (Icon).png
Frame (Purple).png
Coral Sunrise.png
Frame (Purple).png
Rebel's Blades (B) (Icon).png
4star (Upgradable).png
Stigmata Bottom.png
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Honkai Cube (Icon).png

Gemina Invasions - Deep Paradise Arc (Banner).png

Synopsis[edit source]

Play to earn [Molotov Cherry]'s new outfit [Coral Sunrise], 4★ stigma [Bronya: Drive Kometa (B)], 400 Crystals, and Honkai Shard!

The 4★ stigma [Bronya: Drive Kometa (B)] rewarded by this event belongs to the event stigma set [Rebel's Blades].

  • [Rebel's Blades] Set Bonuses:
    • 2-pc: When Combo Hit Count exceeds 25, the host deals 30% more Total DMG.
    • 3-pc: The host gains 10% faster Attack Speed and 10% Max HP in combat.

Gemina Invasions: Deep Paradise Arc[edit | edit source]

Duration: After the version update on AUG 6 ~ 04:00, AUG 27

  • Captains must be Lv.20 or higher to participate.

Area Opening Schedule[edit | edit source]

[Gemina Invasions] comprises 4 main areas and 4 side areas. Each area comprises 3 maps that unlock over time and must be cleared in order. The opening schedule is as follows:

Arcadeland 1 After the version update
Arcadeland 2 10:00, AUG 7
Arcadeland 3 10:00, AUG 8
EX Trial 1 10:00, AUG 9
Abyssal Theater 1 10:00, AUG 10
Abyssal Theater 2 10:00, AUG 11
Abyssal Theater 3 10:00, AUG 12
EX Trial 2 10:00, AUG 13
Stygian Hall 1 10:00, AUG 14
Stygian Hall 2 10:00, AUG 15
Stygian Hall 3 10:00, AUG 16
EX Trial 3 10:00, AUG 17
Eye of the Deep 1 10:00, AUG 18
Eye of the Deep 2 10:00, AUG 19
Eye of the Deep 3 10:00, AUG 20
EX Trial 4 10:00, AUG 20

How to Play[edit | edit source]

  • [Gemina Invasions] stages and missions are available during the event period.
  • Spin the helm on a map to randomly advance 1~6 steps. This does not consume Stamina so spin to your heart's content!
  • You may obtain area-exclusive Tickets when playing.
    • Spend tickets to build facilities in specified locations, which can produce more Tickets or provide potent buffs.
  • You may encounter monsters on maps.
    • Defeat them or collect Red Envelopes on maps to receive [Berry Tokens] Berry Token (Small).png.
    • [Berry Tokens] are for purchasing rewards in the event shop, but every map limits the obtainable number~
  • You may obtain items while exploring maps.
    • Items have a variety of effects and be only used in their respective main areas. Use them wisely to clear maps!
  • Complete every mission on a map to unlock the next map.
    • Clear all 3 maps in an area to clear this area and be rewarded with 100 Crystals Crystals (Small).png, Berry Tokens Berry Token (Small).png, and Cherry Tokens Cherry Token (Small).png. Clearing all areas rewards up to 400 Crystals!
    • If you fail to avoid or defeat a monster, you will be knocked to a random location on the map. Beware!

Area Challenge[edit | edit source]

  • Unlocking new maps also unlocks corresponding Area Challenges.
  • Every main area map contains an Area Challenge and there are 12 Area Challenges in total. Clear Challenges to earn [Berry Tokens] Berry Token (Small).png.

Time-limited Event[edit | edit source]

  • The time-limited event for each main area is available from the opening of this area to the opening of the next.
  • Complete event missions to earn additional [Berry Tokens] Berry Token (Small).png.

The timeframe of area events are as follows:

Arcadeland After the version update ~ 10:00, AUG 10
Abyssal Theater 10:00, AUG 10 ~ 10:00, AUG 14
Stygian Hall 10:00, AUG 14 ~ 10:00, AUG 18
Eye of the Deep 10:00, AUG 18 ~ 10:00, AUG 27

Ai-chan's Reminder[edit | edit source]

  • You can purchase [Berry Tokens] with Crystals in the Event Shop after 04:00, AUG 18.
  • [Berry Tokens] will expire at 04:00, SEP 3 and return 125 Mithril Mithril (Small).png each; [Cherry Tokens] will expire at 04:00, SEP 3 without return.