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Glossary of Terms

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The following is a Glossary of Terms used in Honkai Impact 3rd. They are separated into several categories. If you have a specific term you'd like to search, press Ctrl+F to search for your term.

Key Words[edit | edit source]

A collection of key terms to help players understand the story and gameplay of Honkai Impact 3rd. These key terms are taken from a glossary in the official Honkai 3rd artbook and have been translated. Although spoilers are rare, there are some small references.

2nd Impact
2nd Collapse (direct translation)
Large scale impacts, that have a large effect on human society, are named "0th Impact" and have been occurring since the Ancient Civilization 50,000 years ago.
The current numbering starts with the beginning of the current civilization, in which the 2nd Impact refers to the emergence of the Second Herrscher that took place on the Siberian Plateau on February 7th, 2000.
The 1st and 3rd Impacts occurred in 1953 and 2010, respectively.

Impact (localized), Collapse (direct translation), Honkai (Romaji)
A phenomenon that collapses the composition of every substance on earth, or its energy. Previous humans had once built a far more advanced civilization than our modern one, but an unprecedented Impact (Collapse) destroyed them about 50,000 years ago.
The Impact is said to be a self-cleaning action to maintain balance in the ecosystem and is occurs as a way to halt the excessive development of civilization. Therefore, the frequent occurrence of Impacts is being activated due to the flourishing of our civilization over the millennia. Honkai beasts, zombies, and Herrscher (lawmen) are manifested as part of this process.

Honkai Beast
A being created from the Impact (Collapse) to attack people. It is called "beast" due to it's appearance, typically that of a four-legged monster.
For the Honkai Beasts that cause massive damage, it seems that code names based on myths are assigned due to their perceived role of passing judgement on society.

Destiny (direct translation), Tenmei (Romaji)
To stop the Impact (Collapse) and ensure the survival of humanity, Schicksal came about 4,000 years ago. Using the inherited research of the Impact and countermeasures from the Ancient Civilization that existed 50,000 years ago, they have researched and excavated techniques that have lead to the current system.
The organization was established by three families who held central roles in the world of Honkai research during the Advanced Civilization era. These three families are deeply involved in Schicksal and still hold massive influence today.
The current leader is Bishop Otto Apocalypse. He is the head of the Apocalypse family, one of the three families.

Three Families
The three influential families that support Schicksal and are the original founders of Schicksal.
Apocalypse - The family representing the "Bishop". They were in involved with the founding of Schicksal due to inheriting part of the Key of God from the Ancient Civilization.
Schariac - The family representing the "Divine". Members of this family have excellent Honkai resistance.
Kaslana - The family representing the Knight. In addition to having Honkai resistance, this family has produced amazing warriors.

Valkyrie Acronyms[edit | edit source]

Kiana[edit | edit source]

Mei[edit | edit source]

Bronya[edit | edit source]

Himeko[edit | edit source]

Yae Sakura[edit | edit source]

Theresa[edit | edit source]

Fu Hua[edit | edit source]

Kallen[edit | edit source]

Rita[edit | edit source]

Olenyevas[edit | edit source]

Seele[edit | edit source]