Herrscher of Thunder Chibi

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Origin: Herrscher of Thunder Battlesuit
Herrscher of Thunder Chibi.png
Background Info
Date of Birth April 13       Height 172cm
Gender Female       Weight 50kg
Organization World Serpent       Place of Birth Far East
Valkyrie Armor Story 1
Raiden Mei absorbed all residual Honkai energy in Nagazora and awakened by her own will as the Herrscher of Thunder. The awe-inspiring look speaks of her immense power and the whole world trembles in her presence.
Valkyrie Armor Story 2
In World Serpent, Mei has put a face of indifference and apathy. She's frozen her heart and cloaked herself with solitude. The dark world sees her as an outlier.

But there are still people who know her past and quietly walk away when she drowns herself in sorrow.

Valkyrie Armor Story 3
She broke with her past the day when thunders fell over Nagazora. Everything she once cherished was washed away in the dark storm. When the white-haired girl woke up, the storm had died down and the warm sunshine gently blanketed her, but the thunders - the rumbling thunders in her faint memory - was long gone.