Herrscher of the Void Strategy Collection

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Herrscher of the Void Strategy Collection
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Jan 26, 2019 ~ Feb 19, 2019
Notable Rewards
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Synopsis[edit source]

Pray to me, humans!

Details[edit | edit source]

Collection Time: January 25 ~ 23:59:59, February 13 (PST)
Review Time: February 14 ~ February 19
Winner List Announcement: February 22

  • Receive 1000 Crystals for every strategy passed by HQ! (Ai-chan will review the strategies strictly for sure~)
  • [S-rank Strategy]and [SS-rank Stategy] will be selected in this event.
    • [S-rank Strategy]: 2000 Crystals (in total)
    • [SS-rank Strategy]: 3000 Crystals (in total)
      • [S-rank Strategy] and [SS-rank Strategy] should be detailed, easy to understand, and useful for other Captains~

Please visit the Strategy Hub of the Global server for more details: