Higokumaru Formals Chibi

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Origin: Higokumaru Formals Stigmata
Higokumaru Formals Chibi.png
Background Info
Activity ???       Height 165cm
Stats Chaotic Evil       Weight 40kg
Area of Achievement Fine dining (?)       Place of Birth ???
Stigma Memory Clip 1
Yae Sakura could remember traveling peddlers setting up stalls outside the village every month or so. These peddlers will often sell strange crafts not found inside the village.

These memories were the reasons why strange merchants would appear in the Stigmata Space.

Stigma Memory Clip 2
When Sakura's not looking, Higokumaru would sneak off to these stalls to look for food she never tried before. But there was this one time when Higokumaru saw something other than food. It was an album depicting young girls dressed in the raiments of foreign lands.
Stigma Memory Clip 3
Higokumaru never saw such dresses in Yae Village. She always regarded Aneki's miko outfit as the finest looking clothing there is. But these girls were dressed in a style that differed from Yae Sakura. It literally has "cuteness" written all over it.
Stigma Memory Clip 4
The stall vendor took out a red and white gown that immediately seized Higokumaru's interest. It shares the same color scheme with Yae Sakura's miko outfit and looks just like the little girl's outfit in the album.

"That's it!"

Stigma Memory Clip 5
Higokumaru purchased the dress despite spending all her savings. Higokumaru changed into her new dress to greet Yae Sakura at the door when the latter got home in the evening.

"Aneki! Do I look good in these? Let's go to the Hanabi Fireworks Fest in these!"