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Himeko - Christmas/4-star

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Himeko - Christmas/4-star

Himeko - Christmas (T).png
Himeko - Christmas (Back).png

Himeko - Christmas (M).png
Himeko - Christmas (Back).png

Himeko - Christmas (B).png
Himeko - Christmas (Back).png

Rarity: Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png
Obtained From
Upgrade Himeko - Christmas
Click for full image! Stigmata Top.png 325 56 72 0
Gain 8% Move Speed.

Himeko equip bonus: Gain 8% Move Speed.

Click for full image! Stigmata Middle.png 325 0 72 7
Himeko equip bonus: Nearby enemies suffer 15% Attack Slow and 15% Move Slow.
Click for full image! Stigmata Bottom.png 325 28 72 4
Attacks on a target drop Jingling Bell. Picking it up recovers 3 SP. Double benefits if picked up by Himeko. Drop CD: 5s. Jingling Bell disappears after 8s if not picked up.
Bountiful Gift 2 Sets
Charged ATKs gain 15% Physical DMG.
Mecha Party 3 Sets
When attacking MECH-type enemies, gain 10% Melee Physical DMG.

Himeko equip bonus: Gain 10% Physical DMG.