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Welcome to the Official Honkai Impact 3rd Wiki!
What is Honkai Impact 3rd?

Honkai Impact 3rd is a "gacha" style game that allows players to obtain items both through gameplay and through the usage of its in-game currency called "Crystals," which can be earned or bought with real money. Honkai Impact 3rd's gameplay takes a lot of hints from popular action RPG series like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. Players can string together various well-timed combos as well as activate powerful effects when dodging attacks with precision. This wiki has information pertaining to the Global version of the game. Some pages may be made regarding future content available in other servers and will have a message if so.

Please note that this wiki is strictly developed and best viewed on a desktop or in landscape orientation on your mobile device. It is also written with NA timezones in mind. NA server time is UTC-5 while EU server time is UTC+1.

This Week's Memorial Arena Bosses
Bright Knight - Excelsis (Enemy) (Icon).png Score +20% Bright Knight - Excelsis
Hephaestus (Enemy) (Icon).png Hephaestus
Argent Knight - Artemis (Enemy) (Icon).png Argent Knight - Artemis
Current Events
Lone Stargazer Version Update (Banner).pngThe Day You Vanished with the Stars (Banner).pngStarlit Trek Login Bonus (Banner).pngPRI-ARMs (Version 4.0) (Banner).pngA Post-Honkai Odyssey (Version 4.0) (Banner).pngHimeko's Party Plan (Banner).pngChapter XVII Debut (Banner).pngHOMU's Treasury (Banner).pngHunt (Version 4.0) (Banner).pngYae's Summer Kitchen (Banner).pngAs Thunders Filled The Sky Version Update (Banner).pngGifts of Distant Thunder Login Bonus (Banner).pngDreams of Wave Galactica Login Bonus (Banner).pngGemina Invasions - Deep Paradise Arc (Banner).pngHerrscher of Thunder Debut (Banner).pngSummer Treasure Hunt (Banner).pngPRI-ARMs (Version 4.1) (Banner).pngTime Capsule (8-7-20) (Banner).png
Current Supplies
Bright Knight - Excelsis and Swallowtail Phantasm Expansion Supply (Banner).pngOrchid's Night Sale (Banner).pngBattle Pass Season (Void Echo) (Banner).pngStar Shatterer - Vikrant and Tesla Band Focused Supply (Banner).png11th Sacred Relic and Gustav Klimt Focused Supply (Banner).pngBook of Fuxi ELF Supply (5-22-20) (Banner).pngHoly Relics Supply (Banner).pngStygian Nymph and Flame Sakitama Expansion Supply (Banner).pngIce Epiphyllum and Nohime Focused Supply (Banner).pngSleeping Beauty and Nobel Focused Supply (Banner).pngLightning Empress and Divine Prayer Expansion Supply (Banner).pngMagStorm and Ishikawa Goemon Focused Supply (Banner).pngBella ELF Supply (Banner).pngSchicksal Store Value Bundles (Version 4.1) (Banner).pngSchicksal Store Summer Sale (Banner).pngKey of Castigation and Benares - Awakening Focused Supply (Banner).png
Future Events
Thundering Echo (Banner).pngElite Warfare (Banner).pngELF Bella Debut (Banner).png
Future Supplies
Path to Acheron and Allan Poe Focused Supply (Banner).pngDemonblade - Florid Sakura and Thales Focused Supply (Banner).pngSummer Paradise Supply (Banner).pngHerrscher of Thunder and Valkyrie Gloria Expansion Supply (Banner).png