Honkai Kingdoms - ZERO

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Honkai Kingdoms - ZERO
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May 28, 2020 ~ Jun 08, 2020
Notable Rewards
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Synopsis[edit source]

This is a tale that transpired millennia ago. A tale of the past and the future, my dear friend...

Participate in the fiery Faction War to earn [Divine Prayer]'s outfit [Frostmoon Bunny], Honkai Shard, and Focused Supply Card!

Overview[edit | edit source]

Duration: MAY 28, 10:00 ~ JUN 8, 04:00

  • Captains must be Lv.30 or higher to participate.
  • Occupy Points that are distributed across the map for your faction during the event period!
    • Attack Points, complete event missions and meet finalization requirements to earn [Lost Quills], which are for purchasing sweet rewards in the event shop!

Event Rules[edit | edit source]

Point Contention[edit | edit source]

The Points distributed across the map are your occupation objectives. You can consume Stamina and specified items ([Gold Pass] and [A Sack of Rations]) to attack or make a donation for a Point to earn points and help your faction occupy said Point.

  • Preparation: Before your faction can contend for a Point, you will need to contribute to the [Preparation Progress] by attacking or donating.
  • Contention: After finishing preparing, your faction will begin contending for a Point.
    • You can attack or donate to contribute to the [Contention Progress].
  • Participation Rewards: You receive [Lost Quills] every time you attack or make a donation.
    • [Lost Quills] are for purchasing rewards in the event shop. Clear stages and donate a number of [Lost Quills] to unlock event story clips.
  • Point Occupation: Point occupation is reflected in real-time during opening hours. The faction with the daily high score in Point contention will occupy that Point at 24:00.
  • Point Difficulty: Difficulty differs from Point to Point. Stages that are more challenging reward more [Lost Quills] in return. Choose wisely!

Strategic Areas[edit | edit source]

The map consists of 4 Strategic Areas. If a faction manages to occupy every Point in an area before the daily finalization, the area is considered to be occupied by said faction. Additionally, when a faction has occupied a Strategic Area, every faction member who has fought or donated on that day will receive bonus area finalization rewards at daily finalization.

Boss Descent[edit | edit source]

The [Abyssal Altar] located at the center of the map opens time-limited [Boss Descent] stages periodically that do not limit challenge attempts. The better you perform in a stage, the higher stage score you will earn. Corresponding score rewards will be given once you meet stage score milestones.

You may challenge [Boss Descent] stages when they are open from 10:00 to 24:00 daily. The bosses are as follows: MAY 29~30: Beast of Yin - Yama (Jizo Mitama) JUN 1~2: Beast of Chaos - Amorphous (Tonatiuh) JUN 5~7: Beast of Yang - Huodou

Finalization Rules[edit | edit source]

  • Daily Finalization: Faction emblem finalization takes place at 24:00 daily. The number of emblems a faction receives is based on Point occupation of the day. Factions that occupy Strategic Areas will receive more emblems. Factions ranking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in daily emblems will receive 4, 3, and 2 standards respectively.
  • [Boss Descent] Finalization: When Boss Descent ends, factions ranking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in total high score will receive 4, 3, and 2 standards respectively.
  • Event finalization: When the entire event ends, rewards will be given based on the number of standards each faction owns.

Ai-chan's Reminder[edit | edit source]

  • At daily finalization, in cases where factions own the same number of emblems, standards will be issued in order based on their daily total score ranking.
  • At event finalization, in cases where factions own the same number of standards, they will be ranked based on their total emblem count for reward issuance; in cases where they own the same number of emblems, they will be ranked based on their total scores for reward issuance.
  • Since Point occupation is reflected in real-time, if you are in a stage where the Point has already been rendered unattackable, you will only receive stage tokens but not faction points for the Point after clearing the stage.

Kingdom Shoppe[edit | edit source]

[Kingdom Shoppe] is open from 10:00, MAY 28 to 04:00, JUN 15! Spend [Lost Quills] to purchase [Divine Prayer]'s outfit [Frostmoon Bunny], Honkai Shard, Focused Supply Card, and more!

Apart from the above rewards, you can also purchase [Antique Gift] with [Lost Quills] in the event shop after attacking or donating [Lost Quill] x2000.