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Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapon Rarity Effect
Hand of Ymir (5) (Icon).png
Hand of Ymir
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Charged Cannon.
  • 1st Sequence: Single shot.
  • 2nd Sequence: Empowered double shot.
  • 3rd Sequence: Super-powered triple shot.

Ranged DMG increases with range: attacks gain 4% Physical DMG for every 1 meter of distance to the target. Stacks up to 8 times.

[SP: 18][CD: 14s] Unleash a large AOE shock wave in front of the character, knocking enemies airborne and slowing their Move Speed and Attack Speed by 70% for 3s. The shock wave deals 12x40% ATK of Physical DMG. Character gains 60% faster Move Speed and Attack Speed for 5s after using the active skill.
Fairy Sword Silven (5) (Icon).png
Fairy Sword Silven
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png [SP: 17][CD: 38s] Creates a field that boosts all allies within the AOE so that they gain 25% Attack Speed, 20% Move Speed, and damage by 10% Total DMG Multiplier to their attacks for 20s.
Gain a Total DMG Multiplier buff based on the character's Move Speed bonus. Gain 5.0% Total DMG Multiplier for every 10% of Move Speed bonus (max DMG bonus: 50%). Character gains 30% Move Speed.
Proto Alberich's Bows (5) (Icon).png
Proto Alberich's Bows
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png [SP: 18][CD: 0s] Fires compressed air projectiles in a straight trajectory, dealing 110% ATK of Physical DMG to all enemies hit. Caster gains 10 SP if the projectile hits at least 1 bleeding enemy.
Character gains 25% Attack Speed and 25% Move Speed.
Dark Suns (4) (Icon).png
Dark Suns
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Increases Ranged Physical DMG by 30%, however, the further away an enemy is, the less Physical DMG it'll receive. Damage is decreased by 10% per meter (up to 80%). Character gains 10.0% Move Speed.
Usurpers (5) (Icon).png
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png [SP: 15][CD: 15s] Generates infrasound waves that deal 380% ATK of Physical DMG to nearby enemies. Affected enemies are also weakened, reducing their ATK by 60% for 6.0s.
Increases Ranged Physical DMG by 40%, however, the further away an enemy is, the less Physical DMG it'll receive. Damage is decreased by 10% per meter (up to 80%). Character gains 15.0% Move Speed.
Starry Woofers (5) (Icon).png
Starry Woofers
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png [SP: 14][CD: 15s] Attacks against an enemy at front deals 300% ATK of Physical DMG. For the next 15s, every Sparkling Star picked up by the team adds a 50% ATK of Physical DMG boost to the skill.

[Concert Stage] When picking up a Sparkling Star, all characters gain 10% Move Speed and 10% Physical DMG for 5s. Effect cannot stack.

When the character is deployed, 1 Sparkling Star appears nearby every 3s. Sparkling Star lasts 4.5s. When picking up the Sparkling Star, deal 200% ATK of Physical DMG to a random, nearby target and enemies surrounding it.
Genome Reaper (5) (Icon).png
Genome Reaper
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png [SP: 15][CD: 20s] Releases neurotoxins every 0.5s to deal 100% ATK of Lightning DMG to nearby enemies. Duration: 4.9s. Then unleash a powerful Toxic Mist that deals 700% ATK of Lightning DMG to nearby enemies.
Character's Move Speed buffs Physical and Elemental DMG of attacks. For every 10% Move Speed buff, gain 5.0% DMG (Max DMG buff: 35%). Character gains 20% Move Speed.
Frozen Naraka (6) (Icon).png
Frozen Naraka
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png [SP: 0][CD: 25s] Generates a 12s Field that moves with the wielder. In the AOE, the wielder gains Ignore Interrupt and 50% Total DMG Reduction. Enemies in AOE take 25.0% more Ice DMG and gradually lose Movement Speed and ATK Speed till they freeze. Tap the Weapon Skill button again to unleash a Special ATK (1 time per Field) that deals 300% + 800% ATK of Ice DMG against enemies in front. CD starts only after the Field disappears.
Wielder deals 45% Elemental more Ice DMG.
Gain 1 charge per 5s. Next hit deals 150% ATK of Ice DMG against the target and nearby enemies, slowing their ATK speed and Move Speed by 40% for 6.0s (slow effect does not work on enemies within the Active Skill's AOE).

Goushinnso Memento equip bonus: Provides 200 more kinetic energy and 4.0 SP.

Stigmata[edit | edit source]

Rarity Icon Type HP ATK DEF CRIT Effect
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Attila (T) (Icon).png Stigmata Top.png 339 59 75 0 When Combo Hit Count exceeds 10, gain 15% Move Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Himeko - Christmas (T) (Icon).png Stigmata Top.png 325 56 72 0 Gain 8% Move Speed.

Himeko equip bonus: Gain 8% Move Speed.

Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Mei - Demon (M) (Icon).png Stigmata Middle.png 327 0 41 6 Upon enemy kill, gain 4% Move Speed and 6% Melee Physical DMG for 10s. This DMG buff stacks up to 4 times (up to 5 times when equipped on Mei).
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Isaac Newton (M) (Icon).png Stigmata Middle.png 548 0 76 11 Upon being hit and injured by an enemy, gain 41% Move Speed and a shield that absorbs 21% Max HP worth of incoming DMG. Shield duration: 4.0s. CD: 15s.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Shennong (M) (Icon).png Stigmata Middle.png 558 0 78 10 When picking up dropped gold, gain 51% Attack Speed and 51% Move Speed for 7s. CD: 10s.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Lier (M) (Icon).png Stigmata Middle.png 563 0 39 13 At 60% or higher HP, gain 36% Move Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Mei - Bride (M) (Icon).png Stigmata Middle.png 327 0 40 6 Mei equip bonus: Mei takes 26% less All Elemental DMG. When there are nearby enemies, gain 31% Move Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Sin Mal (M) (Icon).png Stigmata Middle.png 483 0 140 13 Attacks received suffer 20% Total DMG Reduction. After becoming invisible, the host further gains 10% Total DMG Reduction and 30% faster Move Speed. Effects will be removed 6s after invisibility ends.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Jingwei (M) (Icon).png Stigmata Middle.png 523 0 49 9 When there are no more than 3 enemies on the battlefield , gain 31% Move Speed. After a charged or combo attack hits an enemy, gain 40% Fire DMG for 5s. Triggering this skill again resets the duration.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Bronya - Shadow (M) (Icon).png Stigmata Middle.png 459 0 123 18 Generates a Dark Domain. Character gains 35% Total DMG Reduction but loses 40% Move Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Charlemagne (B) (Icon).png Stigmata Bottom.png 300 50 100 20 Gain 25% Move Speed at 70% or higher SP.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Elizabeth Bathory (B) (Icon).png Stigmata Bottom.png 351 29 41 3 At 80% or higher HP, gain 41% Move Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Yodo Dono (B) (Icon).png Stigmata Bottom.png 342 30 43 3 When entering battle, gain 8% Move Speed and 8% DEF for every enemy on the battlefield (stacks up to 5 times).
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Nohime (B) (Icon).png Stigmata Bottom.png 591 37 113 1 For every Move Slowed or Frozen enemy on the battlefield, host gains 10% Move Speed and 25% Ice DMG. Stacks up to 3 times.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Lier Scarlet (B) (Icon).png Stigmata Bottom.png 532 47 68 5 Reduce Max HP by 15% in battle, but the host gains 15% faster Move Speed and 20% faster Attack Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Ekaterina (B) (Icon).png Stigmata Bottom.png 541 46 91 3 When Combo Hit Count exceeds 10, gain 31% Move Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Ogier (B) (Icon).png Stigmata Bottom.png 300 30 100 20 After exit, team mates gain 5% Physical DMG. Effect does not stack. After entry, host gains 25% faster Move Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Tesla Band (B) (Icon).png Stigmata Bottom.png 483 53 53 9 After exit, team gains 10% Move Speed (effect cannot stack). When on the field, the host gains 35% Lightning DMG and 10% Move Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Dark Jixuanyuan (B) (Icon).png Stigmata Bottom.png 550 46 75 10 When global Time Fracture is active, gain 30% Move Speed and 25% Attack Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png HOMU (B) (Icon).png Stigmata Bottom.png 330 26 55 7 Gain 20% Move Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Siegfried Kaslana (B) (Icon).png Stigmata Bottom.png 469 60 65 14 When using a weapon active skill, gain 35% Total DMG Multiplier for said active skill. For 6.0s after using the skill, gain 20% Move Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Fu Hua Outing (B) (Icon).png Stigmata Bottom.png 276 29 28 5 Fu Hua equip bonus: Gain 15% Attack Speed and 20% Move Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Anniversary Ball (B) (Icon).png Stigmata Bottom.png 389 58 27 9 Gain 20% Move Speed. When the Dance Level reaches 1, gain 15% Attack Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Homecoming Theater (B) (Icon).png Stigmata Bottom.png 435 45 22 11 Upon scoring a crit hit, character gains 8% Physical DMG and 8% Move Speed for 15s. CD: 5s. Stacks up to 3 times. New stacks do not reset duration. Starts battle with 3-stack buff.

2 Set Effects[edit | edit source]

Rarity Icons Set Effect
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Cleopatra (T) (Icon).pngCleopatra (M) (Icon).pngCleopatra (B) (Icon).png Gain 25% Move Speed.
Kiana or Kallen equip bonus: Gain 20% Max HP in battle.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Seele Vollerei (Stigmata) (T) (Icon).pngSeele Vollerei (Stigmata) (M) (Icon).pngSeele Vollerei (Stigmata) (B) (Icon).png Gain 30% Move Speed. Teleports to a random nearby area when hit by an enemy. CD: 10.0s.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Seele Vollerei (Stigmata) (T) (Icon).pngSeele Vollerei (Stigmata) (M) (Icon).pngSeele Vollerei (Stigmata) (B) (Icon).png Gain 30% Move Speed. Teleports to a random nearby area when hit by an enemy. CD: 10.0s.

3 Set Effects[edit | edit source]

Rarity Icons Set Effect
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Jixuanyuan Aqua (T) (Icon).pngJixuanyuan Aqua (M) (Icon).pngJixuanyuan Aqua (B) (Icon).png Gain 10% Move Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Hannah (T) (Icon).pngHannah (M) (Icon).pngHannah (B) (Icon).png Gain 15% Move Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Viola (T) (Icon).pngViola (M) (Icon).pngViola (B) (Icon).png Gain 25% Move Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Bronya - Magic (T) (Icon).pngBronya - Magic (M) (Icon).pngBronya - Magic (B) (Icon).png Gain 15% Move Speed.
Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png Darwin (T) (Icon).pngDarwin (M) (Icon).pngDarwin (B) (Icon).png Gain 20% Lightning DMG and 20% faster Move Speed. The shield of the Origin of Shields disappears after taking 2 hits.