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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Kiana's Black Ops
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Nov 14, 2018 ~ Nov 28, 2018
Notable Rewards
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The elite Valkyries are sometimes deployed alone on super confidential missions and have to rely on themselves to fight against the enemy.

No one knows why...

Black Ops recounts those mysterious adventures of Valkyries that no one has ever heard of. The featured Valkyrie story for this period is Kiana's adventure.

In Kiana's adventure, Captain can only use Kiana or Kallen characters.


Normal Mode: November 14th, 04:00 ~ November 28, 04:00
Real Mode: November 21th, 04:00 ~ November 28, 04:00

Clearance MissionsEdit

Event Missions
Objective Reward
  Clear Black Ops on Normal difficulty 2 times.
  Clear Black Ops on Normal difficulty 5 times.
  Clear Black Ops on Realistic difficulty 2 times.
  Clear Black Ops on Realistic difficulty 5 times.

Battle RulesEdit

All three deployed Valkyries share the same stats: HP, ATK, DEF and SP will be the sum total of the three Valkyries' stats, while CRT will be the highest of the three.

[Normal Mode]

  • In Normal Mode, Captain can gain scores by clearing a stage. Earn enough scores to claim score rewards.
  • Based on Captain level, Normal Mode has three tiers:
    • Basic: Lv.38 ~ Lv.55
    • Intermediate: Lv.56 ~ Lv.69
    • Advanced: Lv.70 ~ Lv.80

[Real Mode]

  • In Real Mode battles, the battery of deployed battlesuits will keep draining.
    • Once the battery power is depleted, the battlesuit will deal greatly reduced damage.
  • In Real Mode battles, score is directly related to your stage clear time and number of monsters defeated.
  • Stage score will be based on the highest score you have received on that stage.
    • You will not be able to accumulate a score on each stage through multiple clears.
  • Based on Captain level, Real Mode has two tiers:
    • Intermediate: Lv.56 ~ Lv.69
    • Advanced: Lv.70 ~ Lv.80

Each tier and mode offers different rewards including Divine Prayer Fragments and 4-star upgrade materials.

Additional NotesEdit

  • In this event, Captains can use special skills. The special skills enable the Valkyrie to shuttle between two timelines, dodge enemy skills, and kill hidden enemies.
    • Clearing each stage requires the usage of this skill. If you cannot find a way forward, try using the skill to defeat enemies.
    • If an enemy has Soul Link, it can possibly be linked to a different enemy in a different timeline. Use the special skill to defeat both enemies as quickly as possible.
  • Captains are given 5 challenge attempts per day. Attempts are reset daily at 04:00.