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Land of Wishes Debut

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Land of Wishes Debut
Valkyrie Ovyom (S).png
Nov 07, 2018 ~ Nov 21, 2018
Notable Rewards
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Valkyrie Ovyom (S) (Icon).png

Land of Wishes (Banner).png

Synopsis[edit source]

Land of Wishes is a one-off system, each Captain is allowed to select one starter S-rank Valkyrie character card from 3 options:

Valkyrie Background (BIO).png
Knight Moonbeam (Icon).png
Valkyrie Background (PSY).png
Lightning Empress (Icon).png
Valkyrie Background (MECH).png
Dimension Breaker (Icon).png

Note: This page is set to expire on November 21st, but Land of Wishes is a permanent feature. It will not disappear after November 21st.

Details[edit | edit source]

Use S-rank Valkyrie Selection Stone to select one starter S-rank Valkyrie. If the character card selected is already owned, it will automatically be turned into 30 fragments instead.

In Land of Wishes, you are guaranteed to get S-rank Valkyrie Selection Stone x1 when you pray 100 times. Each Captain can only obtain one stone.

Land of Wishes (Screenshot).jpg

Wishing Stones[edit | edit source]

It costs Wishing Stones to pray. You can finally get S-rank Valkyrie Selection Stone x1 by praying. Each Wishing Stone is priced at 60 Crystals and can be bought in Land of Wishes. It costs 1 Wishing Stone to pray once. Each Captain can buy as many as 100 Wishing Stones.

Wish Points[edit | edit source]

Consuming Wishing Stones will increase Wish Points. Higher Wish Points bring higher chance to get S-rank Valkyrie Selection Stone. You're guaranteed to get S-rank Valkyrie Selection Stone x1 when you pray 100 times.

In other words, after Captain has spent 6000 Crystals, you're guaranteed to get 1 S-rank Valkyrie from the three above options.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Captains can access Land of Wishes in [Bonus] -> [Land of Wishes] from the Bridge/Main Menu.

All Captains can pray in Land of Wishes and get the S-rank Valkyrie. After Captain gets the S-rank Valkyrie Selection Stone, Land of Wishes will no longer be displayed.