MHT-3 Pax (Memorial Arena)

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MHT-3 Pax (Memorial Arena)
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One of the possible bosses in Memorial Arena.

Boss Attributes[edit | edit source]

Skill descriptions are shared across all 3 Memorial Arena brackets. But the exact boss stats are (vastly) different across brackets.

C Rank[edit | edit source]

B Rank[edit | edit source]

A Rank[edit | edit source]

S Rank[edit | edit source]

SS Rank[edit | edit source]

MHT Armor: Robot arms, chassis, and wheels of MHT-3 Pax have high Total DMG Reduction. The Core has no specific resistance.

Auto-Agni: The Agni Gatling will shred any target within the sights of MHT-3 Pax.

Incendiary Barrage: MHT-3 Pax locks onto a target and fires a barrage of 4 incendiary bombs that explode into burning zones that last for a while.

Suppressive Fire: Unleash a mad barrage of Agni and incendiary bombs for 15s.

Tactical Nuke: Launches a tactical nuke and enter Fortress mode to take less nuke DMG. Fortress mode can be disrupted by destroying the locking pins on the robot arms. Get behind MHT-3 Pax to take less nuke DMG.

Laser Sweep: Spin while firing a laser beam to attack all targets within range.