Mary Shelley/5-star

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Mary Shelley/5-star

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Rarity: Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png
Obtained From
(T) Kallen Fantasy
Click for full image! Stigmata Top.png 495 81 70 0
Gain 15% Max HP in battle and attacks deal another 50% of host's max HP of Physical DMG (maxed at 6000, but can be affected by other abilities). CD: 3s.
Click for full image! Stigmata Middle.png 507 0 123 7
Gain 5% Max HP in battle. At the start of battle, the host receives a spirit shield that absorbs up to 25% of max HP of any DMG. After the shield is broken, it will take effect again after 30s.
Click for full image! Stigmata Bottom.png 507 42 18 9
Gain 10% Max HP in battle. When the host is on the field and in combat, team gains 40 DEF every 5s. Stacks 5 times. Effect cannot stack. Buff is effective throughout the battle.
Bioelectricity 2 Pieces
When enemies are nearby, release an electro discharge every 4s, dealing 40% max HP of Lightning DMG to enemies in the AOE (at 15000 or higher max HP, treat HP as 15000) and store an Energy Mark.
Frankenstein 3 Pieces
When gaining 7 Energy Marks, enter Frankenstein Mode upon hitting an enemy with a Basic ATK (including Charged and Combo ATKs).

Frankenstein Mode: The host gains 40% Total DMG Multiplier and heals team for 2% HP/s for 10s. Energy mark is reset to zero when Frankenstein Mode ends.