Matrix Space Raid

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Matrix Space Raid
Matrix Space (Stage).png
Sep 28, 2018 ~ Oct 19, 2018
Notable Rewards
Frame (Purple).png
Crystals (Icon).png
Frame (Blue).png
Soulium (Icon).png
Frame (Purple).png
Grips of Tai Xuan (4) (Icon).png
4star (Upgradable).png
Frame (Purple).png
Grue Jade (Icon).png
Frame (Purple).png
Thunder Jade (Icon).png
Frame (Purple).png
Dimension Ring (Icon).png

Matrix Space Raid (Banner).png


Not too long ago, the Hyperion picked up a mysterious SOS signal from a mysterious matrix space. Captains! We'll need you to lead a few squads into the Matrix Space to find out what happened! Attention: This is an extremely classified operation. After completing a Raid mission, Valkyries and their equipment will enter a resting phase and cannot be deployed in anotehr Matrix Space raid battle.

HQ will reward you the ★4 Divine Key Weapon: Grips of Tai Xuan for your effort~ Good luck, Captains! =w=


  • The Matrix Space Raid is divided into 3 difficulties:
    • Normal: Level requirement Lv.40
    • Hard: Level requirement Lv.50
    • Supreme: Level requirement Lv.60
  • Complete Matrix Space Raid (Normal) for the first time to receive the ★4 Divine Key Weapon: Grips of Tai Xuan.