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Origin: Naoe Kanetsugu Stigmata
Naoe Kanetsugu Chibi.png
Background Info
Activity Far East       Height Unknown (helmet)
Stats Chaotic Good       Weight Unknown (helmet)
Area of Achievement Politics, military       Place of Birth Far East
Stigma Memory Clip 1
The Tokugawa shogunate was displeased with the Uesugi clan and suspected them of sedition.

"Clan Uesugi never intended to rebel. These charges are..." Naoe Kanetsugu laid out brush, ink, and paper and began the opening lines of the Naoe Letter. Kanetsugu soon tossed the pen and cried out in fury: "Ai... Ai couldn't do it no more!"

Stigma Memory Clip 2
"Ai am uber! Ai shouldn't be copying things like this!" Kanetsugu then gave herself a helmet with the character "Ai" that also happens to mean "Love". But the helmet was too big, and left Kanetsugu a little "heavy headed".

"Ai knew it! The word must be big and gold for the bling! It's gotta be HUUUGE!" Kanetsugu admired herself in front of the mirror wearing the helmet she designed herself.

Stigma Memory Clip 3
Kanetsugu served the Uesugi family for many years, and was treated as the most trusted retainer of the clan. When her young lord was old enough to learn the way of the sword, the arms master displayed an array of weapons to choose from.

But Kanetsugu was not impressed and the young lord was eager to make her happy: "Please, Master Naoe, tell me what you want?" "Ai want a hammer! And it's gotta be HUUUGE!"

Stigma Memory Clip 4
She got her wish. The young lord commissioned the best smiths of the fief to forge an over-the-top hammer.

"Ai, Naoe Kanetsugu, is now ready for battle!" The retainer wore her jinbaori surcoat, the signature "Ai"-emblazoned helmet, and gripped the massive hammer in her hand. She scanned her warriors and roared the mott of her regiment: "We fight for love and peace!"

Stigma Memory Clip 5
Himeko's report: "We need to do something about Ai-chan's obsession with these Japanese Taiga Dorama history TV shows, Principal. Her addiction is getting in the way of everything."