Ninja's Noir Version Update

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Ninja's Noir Version Update
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Dec 26, 2019 ~ Feb 13, 2020
Notable Rewards
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Crystals (Icon).png
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Hanafuda Oyabun (Icon).png
Frame (Blue).png
Anti-Entropy XMas (M) (Icon).png
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Stigmata Middle.png
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Jonin Sakura (M) (Icon).png
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Stigmata Middle.png
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Raven's Moon (B) (Icon).png
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Stigmata Bottom.png

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Synopsis[edit source]

Battleship upgrades have been completed! Thank you for your patience! Captains of Lv.15 or higher can claim 360 Crystals by logging in! Log in for 7 days to claim 120 Crystals, Advanced Skill Materials, 3★ stigma [Jonin Sakura] and more!

New Content[edit | edit source]

New Battlesuit: Darkbolt Jonin[edit | edit source]

  • Yae Sakura BIO SP battlesuit [Darkbolt Jonin] has a unique skill system that allows additional skills to be unlocked.
    • She can deal lethal Lightning DMG with standard ATKs after using special skills.
  • [Darkbolt Jonin Supply] and [Ninja Dancer Supply] (the equipment Supply for [Darkbolt Jonin]) are available from DEC 27, 12:00 to JAN 17, 12:00.

Winter Event: Sanka Saga[edit | edit source]

  • Ninja [Kasumi] has come to the ancient town of Yae Machi for a covert mission.
    • How will the tempest stirred by Ninja Arts be calmed?
  • Winter event [Sanka Saga] available! Assist ninja [Kasumi] to defeat the Bosses of the Six Paths to earn Umbral Rose's new outfit [Hanafuda Oyabun] and [Darkbolt Jonin] fragments!

New Year Event: New Year Honkai Rumble[edit | edit source]

  • Valkyries gather in HOMU World to celebrate Christmas and New Year! Join the countdown party and be showered with surprises from Valkyries!
  • Christmas and New Year event [New Year Honkai Rumble] available! Play LTO exploration event to earn Crystals, Dorm Supply Card, [Einstein: XMas (M)], Honkai Shards and more!

Story Chapter XIV: Dispel the Darkness[edit | edit source]

  • To save Arc City from the World Serpent's clutches, Kiana and Rita become unlikely allies, bringing the light of a new dawn to the crumbling city.
  • Story Chapter XIV will be released at 10:00, JAN 16! Play Story Chapter XIV LTO exploration event to earn 4★ stigma [Raven's Moon (B)], Honkai Shard, AE Imaginon and more!

Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal[edit | edit source]

Game Adjustments & Optimization[edit | edit source]

Foundry[edit | edit source]

  • PRI-ARMs [Nuada's Revenge] and [Star Destroyer 19C-X] can now be forged.
  • Increased the forging cap of PRI-ARMs. Now you can have up to 3 pieces of each PRI-ARM.
  • Added a second confirmation prompt before forging PRI-ARMs.
  • Added a safety reminder when forging PRI-ARMs. The reminder appears if a locked equipment is selected as PRI-ARM forging material. The forged PRI-ARM remains locked after the process is completed.
  • Stigmata that required [Witness of Blacksun] to be forged now require [SS Imaginon]. They include Theresa: Gluttony (T), Mei: Wrath (M), Bronya: Sloth (B), Fu Hua: Pride (B).

Battlesuits[edit | edit source]

The following data are at max skill level
Stygian Nymph

  • Fixed a bug where the DMG Reduction effect of skill [Avenging Erinyes] was only applied to Physical DMG.
  • Fixed a bug where the Total DMG Multiplier Buff gained by consuming SP when using Ultimate was not applied properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the DMG Multiplier of QTE skills did not match the description.
  • Fixed the glitched eyes of Veliona in combat.
  • Fixed a bug where Saule could not recover max Veilian Id if an enemy died when she was using Ultimate.
  • Fixed a bug where Saule's scythe may leave an afterimage when she was evading while charging.
  • Fixed a bug where Saule may repeat the 1st sequence of her Basic ATK.
  • Marked some of her skills as Heavy ATK on her skill screen.
  • Fixed the glitched visual effects in co-op mode.

All Seele Battlesuits

  • Optimized the flow of evading after switch entry and using Ultimate.
  • Altered their stances on the battlesuit selection and results screen in co-op mode.
  • Optimized skill visuals to avoid obscuring the view.

Herrscher of Reason

  • Fixed a bug where triggering Ultimate Evasion while using QTE skills may lead to her getting stuck in bike mode.
  • Fixed the glitched animations of jumping and moving on platforms in Open World.
  • Fixed the texture issue of the drill in Basic ATKs.

Valkyrie Chariot

  • Fixed a bug where she could spam weapon skills after using a team skill during an evasion.

All Bronya Battlesuits

  • Fixed a bug where she could not damage shields without charging.

Hawk of the Fog

  • Fixed a bug where the trigger areas of her QTE skills were too small in co-op mode.
  • Altered the description of Ultimate [Raging Tiamat] to match the actual effect. The current description is ""Hold [ULT] during Kei: Tunneling Blossom or Ultimate Evasion to unleash Ultimate."

Armada[edit | edit source]

Commissions[edit | edit source]

  • Deleted Commissions that required [Witness of Blacksun], [Witness of Darkmoon], 1★ equipment, 2★ equipment, and added Commissions that require Honkai Pieces and Mithril.
  • Each [Armada Fuel] is replaced by [Ranger Creds] x5 in rewards.

Warehouses[edit | edit source]

  • Armada Fuel, Witness of Blacksun, Witness of Darkmoon can no longer be requested.

Q-Singularis/Dirac Sea[edit | edit source]

  • Removed [Witness of Blacksun] Witness of Blacksun (Small).png and [Witness of Darkmoon] Witness of Darkmoon (Small).png from Score Rewards and Finalization Rewards.
    • [Witness of Blacksun] in Finalization Rewards is replaced by a specified amount of [Gold Pins] and Score Rewards now consist entirely of Mithril, Coins, [Gold Pins] and [Advanced Skill Materials].

Story Stages & Expeditions[edit | edit source]

  • Story Stages and Expeditions now offer [Fog Chip], the boosting material for Valkyrie Accipiter's Augment Core.
  • Story Stages that offer [Valkyrie Accipiter] fragments no longer have doubled attempts.
  • Chapter XIII LTO event has ended. Captains can now claim more [RSC Cache] by playing Chapter XIII stages.

Bounty Mark[edit | edit source]

[Pledge of Sakura] and [Star Destroyer 19C] can now be crafted.

Honkai Lab[edit | edit source]

[Honkai Lab] is scheduled for late DEC in v3.6. Please follow future announcements for more info.

Extraction[edit | edit source]

A limited-time extraction event for [Ranger's Cross] and [Devourer] will be available in v3.6. Corresponding Extraction Pods will be issued to every Captain to help those who own the two weapons extract them.

Divine Keys[edit | edit source]

Added new Divine Key [Key of Binding]. Captains can tune [Oath of Judah] or [Pledge of Sakura] into [Key of Binding] and access [Dorm - Divine Keys - Key of Binding] to unlock its skills.

Battle Pass[edit | edit source]

  • The new season of Battle Pass [Shiden One Flash] will be available on DEC 30.
  • [Elite Works] Updates

The options to purchase the following equipment and materials have been added to Elite Works

  • Weapons: Nuada's Grief, Genome Reaper, Fairy Sword Silven.
  • Stigmata: Critic Set [[[Jin Shengtan]] (T, M, B)]. Materials: the purchase cap of Einstein's Torus has been reset.
  • Captains can also purchase equipment made available in the last version (excluding equipment exclusive to v3.5) in Elite Works.

Shops[edit | edit source]

Witch's Corridor

  • Added the option to purchase A-rank battlesuit [Swallowtail Phantasm] fragments.
  • The S-rank battlesuit fragments that can be purchased with [Pure Witch Orbs] are replaced by [Dimension Breaker], [Black Nucleus], and [Molotov Cherry].
  • The option to purchase Asterite x1800 with [Witch Orb] x1000 is temporarily available in v3.6. Max 99 purchases.

Battle Arsenal

  • Added the options to purchase [Rare Crystal Core] and [Darkbolt Jonin Fragment].

Armada Terminal

  • Added the option to purchase [Honkai Cube].

Asterite Shop

  • Added the option to purchase [Darkbolt Jonin Fragment].

Exchange Shop

System[edit | edit source]

Battlesuit Lineup Recommendation[edit | edit source]

  • Popular battlesuit lineups are displayed on the team customization screen of Memorial Arena, Bounty Mark, and certain stages on challenging difficulties for quick reference.
  • The Augment Core indicator and the activated outfit of battlesuits are displayed on the [View Lineup] screen of Memorial Arena, Q-Singularis, and Dirac Sea.

Material Adjustments[edit | edit source]

  • Witness of Blacksun & Witness of Darkmoon: The option to purchase [SS Imaginon] x2 with [Witness of Blacksun] x10 is temporarily available in v3.6. 50 purchases only. After the v3.7 update, each [Witness of Blacksun] returns [Rare Crystal Core] x2 and each [Witness of Darkmoon] returns Mithril x16.
  • Armada Fuel & Armada Fuel Tank: The option to purchase [Ranger Creds] x5 with each [Armada Fuel] is temporarily available in v3.6. After the v3.7 update, each [Armada Fuel] returns [Ranger Creds] x5 and each [Armada Fuel Tank] returns [Ranger Creds] x50. Captains will no longer be able to purchase [Armada Fuel Tank] with [Armada Fuel].
  • Standard Supply Card: Every game mode that rewarded [Standard Supply Card] now reward [Dorm Supply Card] instead. Each unused [Standard Supply Card] returns [Dorm Supply Card] x1.

Planeroids[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug where Captains could hold more [Planeroid] than the inventory limit.
    • Now the inventory only holds [Planeroid] x50. If Captains held over [Planeroid] x50 before the v3.6 update, the excessive Planeroids are lost.
    • If the number of [Planeroid] reaches the inventory limit, Captains will not auto-claim more Planeroids.
  • [Planeroids] are no longer issued via in-game mails. Instead, they are added directly to your inventory.
  • If a number of [Planeroid] has been consumed in one day and there are [Planeroids] remained from the day before, Captains can claim the [Planeroids] from the day before until the number of [Planeroids] reaches the inventory limit.
    • In the new version, [Planeroids] that exceed the inventory limit are only stored for one day

Lobby[edit | edit source]

  • Team Invite (including Team Co-op, Bounty Mark and special Bounty Mark such as "Expulsion Mission") shared in Chat display an image of the BOSS.
    • Tap the [Join Team] button in the bottom right of the invite to join instantly.
    • If the invite has expired, it will be marked as "expired" and cannot be interacted with.
  • The number of unread messages in Armada, private chats and group chats are now displayed in the upper left of mini chat windows.
  • Added a button that combines the features of Emoji, Share and Red Packet in the chat window.

Shop Bulk Purchasing[edit | edit source]

  • Added the feature of Buy in Bulk in Shops. Materials that can be purchased multiple times all support bulk purchasing.
  • Battlesuit fragments/souls and items whose prices change as more of them are purchased do not support this feature yet.
  • Optimized the visuals of the battlesuits UP screen in every game mode and the visuals of Score Bonus on the stage results screen when using UP battlesuits in event stages.

Dorm[edit | edit source]

  • Captains can now cancel ongoing Errands.
  • Optimized the display of the Errand candidate list.
  • Optimized the display of Errand levels and rewards.
  • Optimized the visual feedback of claiming Dorm bonuses.
  • The Expedition screen now displays remaining Stamina.
  • The "Switch" and furniture customization features on the main Dorm screen are temporarily unavailable.

Armada[edit | edit source]

  • Starting from DEC 30, the first Armada Boss limited-time event for v3.6 will be available.
    • Participate to earn Ranger Creds Ranger Creds (Small).png, Advanced Skill materials, and more.
    • When Armada Total Score is high enough, every Armada member will receive bonus rewards!
  • The original Armada Boss mode will be temporarily unavailable from DEC 30 and throughout v3.6.

Dorm[edit | edit source]

Stigmata [Ryunosuke Akutagawa] can now move in. Pertinent interactions and events have also been added.

Supply[edit | edit source]

  • New Supply [Dorm Equipment Supply] is temporarily available. For 3 consecutive 4★ equipment drops, one is guaranteed to be NEW.
  • [Dorm Supply] gains a bonus [first 25-drop guarantee].
    • After the bonus guarantee becomes available, if the remaining drop count before receiving a guaranteed item is below 25, the original guarantee will take effect.
    • If the remaining drop count before receiving a guaranteed item is above 25, the bonus guarantee will take effect.
  • [Standard Supply] has been removed.
  • Streamlined the procedures of using [Quick Wish] in Wishing Well and added a second confirmation prompt before wishing for a stigma.

BUG Fixes & Optimization[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug where certain furniture could not be properly rotated and concealed on the Dorm Screen.
  • Fixed the incorrect description of Stage Effect in certain [Time Base] stages.
  • Fixed the glitched display of [Stygian Nymph]'s type on the DMG Stats screen after completing a stage.
  • Fixed a bug where the ATKs of [Valkyrie Accipiter] dealt DMG to the target being escorted in [Deep Archives] Herrscher Files 9F.

All Battlesuits

  • Optimized the recommendation value of weapons and stigmata on the equipment screen to better represent their efficacy when equipped.

Lightning Empress

  • Fixed a bug where the Paralyzing effect only worked once when the last sequence of multiple Ultimates hit the same enemy.

Arctic Kriegsmesser

  • Fixed the glitched leg animations in Open World.

Blood Rose

  • Altered her standby animation in outfit [Rosy Passion] on Bridge.

Sakuno Rondo

  • Fixed her glitched hair color.

Umbral Rose

  • Fixed the glitched visual effects when she is in outfit [Dusky Murmurs].

All Augmented Battlesuits

  • Fixed a bug where skill attributes were not marked properly.
  • Fixed a glitch that may happen to the camera when Stygian Nymph, Herrscher of Reason, Herrscher of the Void and Sixth Serenade were unleashing Ultimates.
  • Fixed a bug where the Leader skills triggered by teams with characters of 3 different types could not be triggered properly.
  • Optimized the stuttering in combat.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Argent Knight

  • Reduced the Ignite Trauma gauge needed to Ignite BOSS Argent Knight in Memorial Arena: Exalted and Q-Singularis.
  • Attention: The above adjustments will come into effect after the Trauma Charging abilities of weapons [Oath of Fire], [Fire Angel], [Ranger's Cross] and [Devourer] are adjusted.
    • In v3.6, only the Trauma Charges of Ignite and Paralysis are adjusted. Adjustments to other types of Trauma Charges are scheduled for v3.7.

Mexicatl: Umbreist (Memorial Arena BOSS)

  • Fixed a bug where Mexicatl: Umbreist would become immobile awhile before transforming into [Knight of Greed] and began running in circles if its transforming from [Wraith of Sloth] into [Knight of Greed] was interrupted.
  • Fixed a bug where Mexicatl: Umbreist could continue using skills when the game was paused during its transformation into [Wraith of Sloth] or teleportation.
  • Fixed a bug where the stigma affixes of [Recovers HP/SP when enemies are nearby] were not applied to Mexicatl: Umbreist.
  • If Mexicatl: Umbreist has not summoned any mob that it would when its HP falls below 50%, they will be summoned upon its death.
  • Reduced the HP of mobs summoned by C~S-rank bosses.
  • Fixed the glitched visual effects of Mexicatl: Umbreist's outer-sphere on the BOSS screen.