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Origin: Octavia Stigmata
Octavia Chibi.png
Background Info
Activity Europe       Height 158cm
Stats Lawful: Good       Weight 44kg
Area of Achievement Battle       Place of Birth Sinister
Stigma Memory Clip 1
"I may not be a Valkyrie, but the safety of the Overseer is far more important than fighting the Honaki!"
Octavia, head of the Schicksal Honor Guards.
Stigma Memory Clip 2
In 1475, the Schicksal army was finally forced to retreat at the Kipchak Steppes in Central Asia. On their way back to Geneva, Kallen found an orphan struggling to survive in the ruins. She did not say a word, but Otto understood her feelings. The war devastated the lands. They were on the side of those who instigated this conflict. Kallen brought the girl to Europe and named her Vera, partly to redeem her crimes and partly out of sympathy.
Stigma Memory Clip 3
Please say that a cold, unbeating heart lies within the chest of Otto Apocalypse. That was not entirely right. Otto played the role of an all-accommodating older brother to Vera. He taught Vera how to read and write and had a Valkyrie teach her the art of combat. However, Vera's common background meant that should would never become a Valkyrie. Nevertheless, Otto was extremely patient with her.
Stigma Memory Clip 4
Vera repaid his patience by admiring Otto like a God. She even called herself Octavia, sister of one of Otto's favorite historical figures Octavius. People laughed at her strange act and eve more rumors about her relationship with Otto spread. Being clumsy with words, Vera never bothered to explain her decision. She did not care for such rumors. She regarded herself as a loyal warrior and strove to obey Otto's every command. So like a loyal satellite of the sun, she never bothered with what the dust clamored on about.
Stigma Memory Clip 5
In 1543, Vera passed away in her sleep. It was a common, uneventful death. Otto's last connections with the mundane world died with her. Her tombstone bore a simple inscription: Octavia, I hereby offer you your favorite name.