Path of Thorny Ice

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Path of Thorny Ice
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Sep 18, 2020 ~ Dec 14, 2020
Notable Rewards
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Synopsis[edit source]

Entente: Beta Season opened!
Captains of Lv.70 or higher can play Entente to rack up Entente Score, Entente Valor, Ancient Legacy, and Ancient Willpower!

Entente Overview[edit | edit source]

Duration: 10:00, SEP 18 ~ 04:00, DEC 14
Captains must be Lv.70 or higher to participate.

  • Beta Season is the first season for Entente.
    • You will be assigned to either the Lv.70~80 group or the Lv.81+ group based on your level after Entente goes online.
    • Entente Score and Entente Valor accrued by Captains from different groups are exclusive to their groups.
  • By playing Abyss, Memorial Arena, Blockade, and other activities, you will not only earn their rewards but also Entente Score and Entente Valor that can unlock premium milestone rewards including Ancient Legacy Ancient Legacy (Small).png and Ancient Willpower Ancient Willpower (Small).png!
  • Entente Score and Entente Valor only apply to the group where they are earned.
    • If you reach Lv.81, you will be auto-assigned to the other group and its Entente Score and Entente Valor milestones will be activated.
    • The system will compensate all claimable Valor Rewards and Score Rewards and you will start fresh in the Lv.81+ group.

Entente Rewards[edit | edit source]

Score Rewards

  • Play activities and complete specific weekly missions and Entente missions to earn Score pts to unlock milestone rewards including [Entente Crate - BASIC], [Entente Crate - ADV], Ancient Willpower and Ancient Legacy.
    • Avatar [Ana Schariac] has also been added to Exalted milestone rewards.
  • Every [Entente Crate - BASIC] gives Ancient Legacy Ancient Legacy (Small).png x2 and 1 of the following randomly: Ancient Willpower Ancient Willpower (Small).png x2, 1000 Mithril Mithril (Small).png, Twin Soul Crystal x2, Phase Shifter x1.
  • Every [Entente Crate - ADV] gives Ancient Legacy Ancient Legacy (Small).png x6 and 1 of the following randomly: Ancient Legacy Ancient Legacy (Small).png x3, Normal Crystal Core x100, Advance Skill Material x1, 500 Asterite Asterite (Small).png.

Ai-chan's Reminder[edit | edit source]

  • Entente weekly missions will be available from 04:00, SEP 21.
  • Memorial Arena's finalization at the time of the version update will not factor in Valor Pts.