Post-Honkai Odyssey Debuts

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Post-Honkai Odyssey Debuts
Apr 06, 2020 ~ Apr 30, 2020
Notable Rewards
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Synopsis[edit source]

New Open World [A Post-Honkai Odyssey] is now available! Explore the secrets of St. Fountain, the City of Rebirth!

Overview[edit | edit source]

Duration: 10:00, APR 6 ~ 04:00, APR 30

  • Captains must be Lv.40 or higher to participate.

Story Stages[edit | edit source]

  • During the event period, new APHO Story stages are released on every Monday. The schedule is as follows:
APR 6, 10:00 1.1 - Road to Fountain
APR 13, 10:00 1.4.5 - Heroes III
APR 20, 10:00 1.7 - Road from Fountain II
APR 27, 10:00 1.9 - Day After the End
  • During your expedition, special side stages may appear to spice up your experience.
  • Complete the aforementioned stages to collect Relic Keys, copious Krystallum and Regulators for speed Intel leveling.
  • The key to enhancing combat performance in APHO is to level up character skills with respective Regulators.

Adventure Task[edit | edit source]

Access Requirements: Clear 1.3 Heroes 1
Access Activation: The map access for [A Post-Honkai Odyssey] will be auto-activated between APR 6 and APR 19. You can explore [A Post-Honkai Odyssey] and [Sakura Samsara/Schicksal HQ] and obtain their adventure task rewards during the period. You will need to choose 1 of 3 maps to activate access weekly starting from APR 20.

  • APHO shares the same Adventure Level with Sakura Samsara and Schicksal HQ. The task rewards and cycle finalization rewards in APHO simultaneously provide rewards for the main game and APHO.
  • The content and quantity of rewards for the main game are determined by your Adventure Level. The content and quantity of rewards for APHO are determined by your Intel Level.
  • APHO contains 3 rounds of adventure tasks that are updated every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday respectively.
  • You can spend Stamina weekly to accept 5 missions that consist of 2 global missions and 3 area missions.
  • Global missions can be completed anywhere within St. Fountain so long as the mission requirements are met.
    • Area missions are usually specified tasks that require you to eliminate or track down certain targets. You must activate the map access to APHO before accepting the aforementioned adventure tasks.

Relic Treasure[edit | edit source]

Play APHO to collect Relic Keys for [Relic Treasure] Supply! [Relic Treasure] Supply is divided into 4 phases and will remain available for multiple versions. Complete each Supply phase for generous rewards.

The core rewards of each [Relic Treasure] Supply phase are as follows:

Phase 1 4★ 2-handed [Labor of Olympus]
Phase 2 APHO Option x1, Focused Supply Card x2
Phase 3 APHO Option x1, Focused Supply Card x3
Phase 4 APHO Option x1, Focused Supply Card x2
  • Use [APHO Option] to select Honkai Cube x1 or Einstein's Torus x70.
  • [Relic Keys] obtained in v3.8 will not expire when v3.8 ends and can still be used in future versions~

Ai-chan's Reminder[edit | edit source]

If your phone overheats and loses power faster while gaming, you can tap the [AiPhone] in the bottom right area on the main screen to access Settings > Graphics > Custom to disable PP and Reflection options.