Sanka Saga

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Sanka Saga
Sanka Saga (Stage).png
Dec 26, 2019 ~ Jan 16, 2020
Notable Rewards
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Synopsis[edit source]

Brace yourselves for the new winter event [Sanka Saga]! Follow [Kasumi] in her travels to unravel the ancient secrets...

Overview[edit | edit source]

Duration: After the version update on DEC 26 ~ JAN 16, 04:00, 2020

  • Captains must be Lv.20 or higher to participate.

Yae's Nightraid[edit | edit source]

Sanka Saga (Map).png

Captains can explore the 6 areas of [Yae Machi] that are composed of Path of Naraka, Path of Tiryag, Path of Manusya, Path of Asura, Path of Preta, and Path of Deva with ninja [Kasumi].

  • The 6 areas become available over time in order.
  • Captains can explore a new area when they have cleared the preceding area and the opening time of the new area has passed.
  • When all 6 areas have been cleared, The Finale: Heretical Dreadnaught [Bounty] becomes available.
Path of Naraka After the version update on DEC 26
Path of Tiryag DEC 27 ,10:00
Path of Manusya DEC 30, 10:00
Path of Asura JAN 2, 10:00
Path of Preta JAN 5, 10:00
Path of Deva JAN 9, 10:00
The Finale: Heretical Dreadnaught [Bounty] JAN 13, 10:00

Event Details[edit | edit source]

  • The event has 6 areas that are composed of a number of prerequisite stages and an ultimate [Bounty] mission.
    • Complete the prerequisite stages to unlock the final [Bounty] mission and the EX challenge stage of an area.
    • Defeating a Bounty target clears the area.
  • Completing prerequisite stages rewards [Sakura Coins] and [Zakti].
    • No more than 120 Sakura Coins can be obtained from completing prerequisite stages.
  • Completing [Bounty] missions rewards [Sakura Coins], [Crystals] and [Green Magatama].
    • Completing EX challenge stages rewards Sakura Coins, Advanced Skill Materials and Asterites.
  • Captains can purchase event rewards including outfit [Hanafuda Oyabun] and [Darkbolt Jonin] fragments in event shop [Ninja Arsenal] with [Sakura Coins] and [Green Magatama].
  • Completing event missions also rewards [Darkbolt Jonin Supply Cards], [Stamina Potion], and [Open World Boosters]~

Ninja Arts[edit | edit source]

In this event, ninja [Kasumi] has an independent enhancement system: Ninja Arts.

  • Ninja Art is the enhancement system for trial Valkyrie [Kasumi].
    • There are 6 scrolls of Ninja Arts, each with unique level, base stats, and optional skills, buffing the trial battlesuit as Captains explore corresponding areas.
    • More Ninja Arts are unlocked as Captains progress in areas.
  • Spend [Zakti] obtained from standard stages to level up the Ninja Art that corresponds to the area.
  • Ninja Art buffs are only applied to event trial Valkyrie [Kasumi] and not to separate battlesuit [Darkbolt Jonin].

Ninja Arsenal[edit | edit source]

Duration: 10:00, DEC 26 ~ 04:00, JAN 23

  • Captains can purchase up to 100 [Darkbolt Jonin] fragments with Sakura Coins.
  • Outfit [Hanafuda Oyabun] can also be purchased with [Sakura Coins] and [Green Magatama].
  • [Sakura Coins] will be purchasable with Crystals in event shop starting from JAN 13, 04:00.
  • [Green Magatama] and [Sakura Coins] will both expire at 04:00, JAN 23. Each [Sakura Coin] returns 160 Mithril and each [Green Magatama] expires without return.
  • [Ninja Arsenal] will close at JAN 23, 04:00. Don't forget to purchase those goodies in time!