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Origin: Shadow Dash Battlesuit
Shadow Dash Chibi.png
Background Info
Date of Birth April 13       Height 172cm
Gender Female       Weight 50kg
Organization The Schicksal       Place of Birth Far East
Valkyrie Armor Story 1
Regarding Mei, most people's impression of her is [the normal girl who was chosen by the Houkai to become the Herrscher].
But in reality, this far from normal girl has another identity - master of all Far East forms of Bushido, and expert of Itto-ryu from the North Coast.
Valkyrie Armor Story 2
Itto-ryu of the North Coast is a type of Bushido, with every move aimed at depriving the enemy of their ability to fight and quickly bringing the battle to a close. Although this style of fighting is not effective against larger Honkai Beasts, Mei's fighting style will prove superior when facing humanoid type enemies.
Valkyrie Armor Story 3
Mei studied sword fighting under her father, Raiden Ryoma. Being unusually talented, she received the right to teach Itto-ryu at a very young age and began to develop her own understanding of kendo.
Now, her father has already departed from her, but she still clearly remembers his instruction. She continues to hope that there will be a day when she gets to meet her strict, yet loving father once again.