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Rarity: Star (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).pngStar (Icon).png
Obtained From
Upgrade Sirin
Click for full image! Stigmata Top.png 362 125 35 4
Gain 25% Melee Physical DMG. Against enemies knocked airborne, deal an additional 20% Physical DMG.
Click for full image! Stigmata Middle.png 531 0 158 4
Take 30% less All Elemental DMG and gain a 20% chance to ignore debuffs.
Click for full image! Stigmata Bottom.png 435 57 70 11
Upon an Ultimate Evasion, gain 1 Charge that grants an additional 35% Total DMG multiplier to the next attack and 5s afterwards. CD: 1.5s.
Spatial Erosion 2 Pieces
Mei or Yae Sakura equip bonus: Each repeated hit on the same target (resets if no attacks occur in 2.5s) boosts the next hit by 3% Crit Rate (max 15%) and 8% Crit DMG (max 40%) per hit.
Pocket Dimension 3 Pieces
When character is deployed and above 60% HP, enemy suffers 15% Total DMG Reduction to their attack and 10% more Total DMG Multiplier in damage taken. Effect cannot stack.