Sixth Serenade Chibi

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Origin: Sixth Serenade Battlesuit
Sixth Serenade Chibi.png
Background Info
Date of Birth Unknown       Height 170cm
Gender Female       Weight 54kg
Organization Ex-Schicksal       Place of Birth Europe
Valkyrie Armor Story 1
In 1475, the battle at the Kipchak Steppes changed Kallen Kaslana. The Valkyrie had never tasted defeat for 10 years in her career, but she found herself powerless before the Warrior Sage of the Far East. Kallen believed in justice and fighting for the people, but the corruption of Schicksal shook her faith.
Valkyrie Armor Story 2
During the retreat from the east, Kallen witnessed the plight of refugees displaced by the war. As a Valkyrie of Schicksal, Kallen was in no place to purge Schicksal of its growing decadence. However, Kallen personally took up the guise of shadows to fight against the false light of the Church.

The Rogue Extraordinaire is an embodiment of Kallen's rebelliousness. Kallen did everything she could to enforce vigilante justice. She helped the small folk reclaim tax money brutally exacted from them by the clergy, saved people wrongfully imprisoned by the Church, and smote down avaricious judges and watchmen.

Valkyrie Armor Story 3
But the young Valkyrie could not foresee her future. Her life would meet an untimely end 1 ear after taking up the Rogue's guise. Nevertheless, the Rogue brought hope to the people at their darkest hours of need. They sung of her legends and composed plays and serenades of her deeds to pass on the rebellious spirit of the maid who fought against injustice.

––The night is her stage. Her form was curved like the mandolin and tense like its strings. The night serenade heralds the pending daybreak.