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Onyx Iron/4-star

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| description = Prototype weapon manufactured by ME Corp based on some order placed by a mysterious client. To complete this order, ME Corp investigated numerous cutting/sawing techs and released other prototype samples such as [[Azure Storm]] and [[Obsidian Reaper]]. The ultimate result is this dangerous-looking heavy scythe.
| skill1 = Protective Field
| effect1 = <span style="color:#a08600">'''[SP: 155][CD: 20s]'''</span> GrantsCreates a shield that absorbs character's<span class="increase">7%</span> Max HP of wielder when hit by enemy attack DMG. WhenWhile the shield existsstands, characterwielder heals <span class="increase">13.2</span> HP/s and attacksATKs gain <span class="increase">6.0%</span> Total DMG Multiplier. Shieldand deal 10% more Physical DMG. durationDuration: 10s.
| skill2 = Vitality Drive
| effect2 = DealGains morea DMG<span atclass="increase">0.72%</span> higherTotal HP:DMG Multiplier Gainand <span class="increase">0.7234%</span> TotalPhysical DMG Multiplierbuff per 10% HP. that the wielder has.
| type = scythe


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