Spring Fest Mosaic

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Past Content
This page contains content that is no longer available. It may or may not return in the future.
Spring Fest Mosaic
Blank Mosaic.png
Feb 18, 2020 ~ Mar 01, 2020
Notable Rewards
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Crystals (Icon).png
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Asterite (Icon).png
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Ancient Willpower (Icon).png

Spring Fest Mosaic (Banner).png

Synopsis[edit source]

Play with puzzle pieces to create beautiful images and get great rewards!

Overview[edit | edit source]

Duration: FEB 18, 10:00 ~ MAR 1, 4:00

  • Captains must be Lv.20 or higher to participate.
  • Daily Trial missions and Story stages of Empyrean Legends drop additional [Blank Mosaics] Blank Mosaic (Small).png. Max 5 drops per day.
  • On the Spring Fest Mosaic tab of the event screen, Captains can convert Blank Mosaics to random puzzle pieces for the current jigsaw puzzle and assemble it by dragging them onto the board.
  • Puzzle pieces are automatically locked in place when they are moved to the correct positions.
    • Complete an area for area rewards and an entire jigsaw puzzle for completion rewards.
  • Complete certain areas to receive [Spring Lottery] for use in the Gather to Win event.
  • The event comprises 3 jigsaw puzzles that are unlocked over time. Each jigsaw puzzle contains [Spring Lottery] x2.
Mosaic Unlocking Schedule
Beauties of Spring FEB 18, 10:00
Gourmet Feast FEB 20, 10:00
Doubled Bliss FEB 24, 10:00

Gather to Win[edit | edit source]

  • On the Gather to Win tab of the event screen, Captains can trade [Spring Lottery] x1 for a lottery number.
    • Up to 2/4/6 numbers can be traded in the 1st/2nd/3rd round.
  • The schedule of revealing the lucky numbers is as follows:
[1st Round] FEB 18, 12:00 ~ FEB 20, 12:00
[2nd Round] FEB 20, 12:00 ~ FEB 24, 12:00
[3rd Round] FEB 24, 12:00 ~ FEB 29, 12:00
  • The lucky numbers are revealed between 12:00 and 12:10 after a round is closed. Captains can claim their rewards on the [Raining Fortunes] event screen after 12:10.
    • Remember: The deadline for claiming rewards is MAR 9, 04:00!
    • [1st Prize] 188 Crystals
    • [2nd Prize] 88 Crystals
    • [3rd Prize] 28 Crystals

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • [Blank Mosaic] expires at MAR 1, 04:00 without return.
  • [Spring Lottery] expires at MAR 1, 04:00 without return.